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The voice in the Judge Jones School of Law


Over at www.overwhelmingevidence.com there is a flash animation featuring Judge Jones spouting inanities (inanities that he actually did write or say). There’s been a design inference made that it’s my voice in the Jones animation. A disgruntled former UD commenter KeithS slowed it down and lowered the pitch. Well, it’s true, it actually is me. But that’s only temporary. We are inviting Judge Jones to do himself. Stay tuned.

Judge Jones and friends

That site, doctor, was hysterically funny, insightful, annoying, enraging, and sad, all at the same time. But mostly, it was just funny. What were the grunting noises? Were they supposed to be cavemanesque? Designed Jacob
That's pretty cool. Those guys had better watch out, or one day one of those toys'll roll off the assembly line sporting hind limbs!! (he, he) TRoutMac TRoutMac
[OFF-TOPIC] Check this out: http://news.com.com/2300-1008_3-6136332.html?tag=nefd.gallery http://www.innespace.com/picture_gallery.html Usualy this kind of post would be done by Bill, but I guess he's too busy making Judge Jones's voice. *g* ........ Seriously now, notice how science worked perfectly without Darwinian speculations. (In fact, perhaps it worked even better because it was void of Darwinian nonsense) (The example mentioned above was taken from the following site: http://creationsafaris.com/crev200612.htm#20061215b ) Mats
No, that was actually done by someone else. But when you speed up the voice by 50%, everything sounds the same. --Bill William Dembski
Is it really? Then did you not also voice the Pandas that you were bulldozing in Panda-monium? Charlie

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