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This amphibian is just about indistinguishable from a worm

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In “Limbless amphibian species found” (BBC Tamil Service, April 25, 2012), Sivaramakrishnan Parameswaran reports,

The animal was identified by accident in the Western Ghats area in the state of Kerala, South India.

The specimens were found inside moist soil after digging the shrub-covered bank of a mountain stream.

The creature – about 168mm in length and pink in colour – belongs to an enigmatic, limbless group of amphibians known as the caecilians.

Without looking quite closely at the BBC photo, you wouldn’t even suspect that it wasn’t an earthworm.

Is this Devolution in Action!?

Oh wait! Wasn’t that supposed to be Evo- … oh, never mind.

Just think, one of their best examples, and it is going in the wrong direction … Shocka …

You're just looking at it the wrong way. It didn't "lose limbs" it "gained a sleek underbelly". One environments trash is another's treasure!!! Maybe someday it will evolve such a perfectly efficient organ that it can shed all it's current organs and their partial solutions and then in another few hops and skips it can "gain unicellularity". Perhaps after that it will gain asexual reproduction and then awhile later it will just be able to modify itself without ever reproducing. Then maybe it can evolve to become something akin to a rock or a mineral and survive forever without needing to reproduce or in fact have any moving parts at all. Movin on up, nothing can stop me! John D

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