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Mystery of the Cambrian explosion solved! … sediment caused it! …

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Evolution News and Views

In “Does Lots of Sediment in the Ocean Solve the “Mystery” of the Cambrian Explosion?” (Evolution News & Views, April 27, 2012), Casey Luskin comments,

according to the article, the “mystery” is now basically solved. The solution? It’s simple: There was lots of sediment in the ocean. …

In other words, lots of chemicals from continental erosion in the water caused the Cambrian explosion.

Now, a skeptic might reply that we don’t observe sediment in the ocean abruptly causing increases in the information content of genomes, much less do we have any experience with sediment creating new body plans.

But that kind of skeptic no longer exists. Today’s “skeptic” elaborates theories about what’s the matter with people who, due to absence of evidence, do not immediately believe the proposition.

The Cambrian explosion is only a mystery if you are trying to explain how it could have happened absent any design in nature. Otherwise, it is just a phase in the history of life, to be studied.

It is getting crazier and crazier. Someone gets paid for this? buffalo

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