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Tyler O’Neil: Three views on origins supported by the text of the Bible


From Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media, in support of Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design , including evolutionary creation:

Deborah Haarsma, president of BioLogos, argued that the scientific theory of evolution is compatible with biblical creation. She made a clear distinction between Darwinistic evolutionism — which uses evolution to disprove God — and the scientific theory, which does not necessarily have theological implications.

“Thus, evolution is not a worldview in opposition to God but a natural mechanism by which God providentially achieves his purposes,” Haarsma wrote. She presented the theory of accommodationism — that God spoke in scripture in a way that the Jews and Christians would understand at the time. God has revealed Himself in two books: nature and scripture.

“It is crucial that we do not confuse our human interpretations with God’s actual revelation, since we can be in error in our understanding,” Haarsma explained. “Conflicts appear only when our interpretation of one or both books is in error.” More.

Hmmm. We’ll believe that when BioLogos starts spending a lot of time on non-Darwinian evolution (horizontal gene transfer and epigenetics, for example).

O’Neil doesn’t deal with intelligent design in this piece because design is argued from nature, not the Bible, though there is plenty of support for design in the Bible.

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