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Unlike the furtive ants, stick insects really have, allegedly, gone a million years without sex

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In “Stick insects survive one million years without sex” (BBC Nature, 19 July 2011),  Ella Davies reports.

Timema genevievae is a female-only species of stick insect

“All the evidence points to Timema tahoe and Timema genevievae having persisted for over one million years without sex,” Dr Schwander told BBC Nature.

“Our research adds to the growing amount of evidence that asexuality does not always result in the rapid extinction of a lineage,” she said.

After the shocking ant revelations, we’re all skeptics here.

Why point to stick bugs? Bacteria have been cloning themselves for longer than them. This is just silly. Evolution does not suggest that asexual reproduction leads to eventual death of a species. TaslemGuy

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