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William Donohue on Stephen Colbert

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Note especially the opening segment by Donohue:

H.L. Mencken, I don't know how serious you are being with your post. When I came to the Christian faith (a couple of years ago), I decided to follow that faith through the Catholic Church. Prior to do this I had no idea about the animosity that many Evangelical & Protestant groups have towards Catholics. When I would tell people that I was coming to the Christian faith I would usually get a, "Great! Congratulations!!". Then they'd asked something along the lines of where was I going to worship. I'd reply back with, "there's a Catholic Church in my town".... many times I'd quickly be interrupted with, "uhh, that's good, but....." then would come some problems with the Catholic faith that could jeapordize one's salvation. I didn't get it. We believed pretty much the same things. So, out of confusion I read up on the issues. I was more than pleased with the Catholic responses to Catholics being (as well as their practices being) unBiblical. From my perspective many non-Catholic groups come across as being very anti-Catholic. Doug
VoR, How does your response deal with anything that I posted in my initial comment? From what I see it doesn't. You weren't able to address the issue I brought up so you changed the focus and attacked something else. Bravo. Doug
WD: WeRespectTheFactTheyDon'tBelieveInAnything; TheyBelieveInWhatICallThe"KingKong, er, theory of creation." Y'know, allofASudden, one Day, thereWereABunchOfApesUpInTheTree and then, ker-plunk, they fell down, lostMostOfTheirHair andTheyStartedWalkinAround, that's AdamAndEve, ifTheyWant ToBelieveThatThat'sOK. SC: I'm not sure that is OK. [SH: Gee, that Guy (WD) sure talks fast, but all of it carp. e.g. "They don't believe anything ... They believe in..." If he'd only spoke at a normal rate, he could have extended the period of non-self-conradiction significantly. "One day they fell down, lost most of their hair and then started waking around, that's Adam and Eve" Strawman: "One Day"? "Adam and Eve"? For Flip's Sake! ] .. WD: "TheProblemWithALotOfLibrelsIsThatThey'reGuiltyAboutThingsWhichTheyShouldn'tBeGuiltyAbout! ForExample aboutNativeAmericans? whatHaveTheyHaveToDoAboutCreatingConditionsACouplaHundredYearsAgo? YouShouldn'tBeGuiltyAboutThingsYouHaveDoneWhichYouShouldFeelSorryFor andNotForThingsBecauseOfYourAncestry ThatYouShouldBeGuiltyFor" [SH: There goes the doctrine of original sin] [SC] "It was a long time ago" [WD] "IKnow" [SC] "Everything was a long time ago" [WD] "Besides That.I'mAnNativeAmerican-IwasBornInNewYorkCityAndThosePeopleCameFromAsiaSoThatReally,They'reNotRealAmericanCitizensAnyhow" [SC] "I'm part Chiksaw (sp?). I'm 1/13 Chiksaw, yeah" [SH: 1/13th - nice one :)] steveh
Penn Jillette is a right wing libertarian - not a member of the "secular Left" as Donohue claims. RE: "secular Jews in Hollywood" - I think he's wrong. My best guess: 1. Those most likely to succeed in the entertainment industry are those possessing high verbal intelligence. 2. European Jews (in the U.S.) have an average verbal IQ of 126. 3. Therefore - it's not unsurprising that Hollywood's most disproportionately represented minority are Europeans Jews (it also helps that they founded the damn industry). Furthermore: 1. Catholics have historically been perpetrators rather than victims (relative to other groups). 2. They make up 1/5 of the world's population and are under no threat of persecution (relative to other groups) 3. Therefore - by process of elimination, it's considered "safe" to pick on them (relative to other available targets). Or you can just blame it on Jewish hatred of Catholism as our modern day Father Coughlin seems perfectly happy doing. H.L. Mencken
Mr. Colbert is a practicing Catholic and a Sunday school teacher. dodgingcars
Doug: I’m sure you’ll inform us when the next nuetral site/nuetral format debate and/or event that a DI fellow participates in is? Comment by VOICEofREASON — August 4, 2006 @ 3:43 pm
It is always difficult to delineate the motives or intentions of an intelligent agent based strictly on raw information in a message like yours, VoR. At face value, you seem to imply that the Discovery Institute doesn't like neutral venues where the facts and evidence are presented in a balanced way. Am I correct? If I am correct in my reading of your intentions, I must tell you that there are such sites and debates. How about this one? I think the views opposing ID will have quite a bit more time than Behe, who is a DI fellow. Inquisitive Brain
Yes, that opening comment certainly is a good example of a simplistic strawman argument. MikeFNQ
Doug: I'm sure you'll inform us when the next nuetral site/nuetral format debate and/or event that a DI fellow participates in is? VOICEofREASON
I'm glad Donohue mentioned Penn Jillette. Jillette's a coward. He's the kid who sat in the back of the classroom and lodged his 'jokes'. Put him on the spot and he wilts. It's a shame that for his show on Creationism he had Duane Gish. Showed that Penn wasn't really serious about addressing the current issues. Also, on his show about the historicity of Jesus Christ he refused to have either Craig or Habermas. I'll say it again, Jillette is a coward and aside from his bold front when it actually comes to a meaningful debate he has nothing to offer, gets tongue-tied, frustrated, angry and even more insultive. I'm not referencing his "comedic" material when I say this, but the guy is a joke. Doug
Wow. Certainly is tough to be a Catholic these days, huh? I thought it was tough living in a ghetto, or in the Sudan, or wasting away in prison...but Catholicism must hold the record for being dumped on. I feel for ya. VOICEofREASON

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