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The world is changing: Someone noticed what “evolutionary science” has become, and laughed


In San Francisco, at the Bad Ad Hoc Hypothesis (BAHfest):

The premise is simple: Six finalists are chosen out of hundreds of submissions every year to present a well argued, but completely incorrect, evolutionary theory in front of a live audience. The most creative presentation wins. While the science is bunk, the judges are not. The festival began as part of the Cambridge Science Festival in Boston, and as a result, members of the judicial panel include both Harvard and MIT staff members and working scientists.”

The inspiration for BAHFest came from a 2013 comic strip drawn by Zach Weinersmith, of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal fame. In the strip in question, a professor stands in front of a packed auditorium and declares that babies are shaped like footballs and have more bendable bones than adults, because primitive man wanted to spread his genes as widely as possible—by punting babies from village to village. This, the professor explains, also accounts for babies’ smooth skin and hairlessness, both necessary for good aerodynamics.

Well, why wasn’t this published in an evo psych journal?

Like how would we know this “selfish gene baby football” from a supposedly plausible hypothesis?

Oh, wait … that might not be as big a problem as we had at first thought …

No, seriously things are changing if people actually think it’s okay to think this is  “nonsense” now. Some of us can remember when the pop science media published some pretty crazy stuff, wide-eyed. They just had to say it was “evolution” and plausibility was no longer a category in use. (Doubt meant that one was a creationist, you see.)

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Here’s another one:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XePepJvvcjY Edward

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