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Like Confessing a Murder

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Think you receive too much email? Charles Darwin and his friend Joseph Hooker exchanged over 1,400 messages (they called them letters back then). In all Darwin exchanged over 15,000 letters with his list (er, correspondents). Here’s one from January 11, 1844 in which Darwin raised the specter of his new idea:  Read more

3 Replies to “Like Confessing a Murder

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    EvilSnack says:

    I’ve read my Bible from Genesis to Maps, and nowhere does it claim that there has been no change within any species.

    So once again, evolutionists “debunk” the Bible by disproving something that the Bible never taught.

    Color me unimpressed.

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    bornagain77 says:

    Off topic hot off the press:

    Mathematicians Offer Elegant Solution to Evolutionary Conundrum
    Excerpt: UBC researchers have proffered a new mathematical model that seeks to unravel a key evolutionary riddle–namely what factors underlie the generation of biological diversity both within and between species.,,, existing mathematical models that incorporate these ‘rare type’ advantages tend to have some serious shortcomings,”,,,, “It would be interesting to to test whether at the genetic level, pathways controlling different traits are regulated in concert to enable the inheritability of diversifying traits along multiple phenotypic axes.”,,,

    translation,,, all the math that Professors like Allen MacNeill teach to their biology students is in fact known to be wrong and has been known to be wrong for a long time (though I bet Prof. MacNeill won’t ever tell the his students this). Massive Bandaids were applied to the existing equations to hide the fact that evolution cannot explain the generation, nor spread, of novel functional information in biological forms. And best of all the “new math” has not been subjected to any rigorous test yet though they hope to do so soon for this “elegant solution”..

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    Barb says:

    Also off topic and hot off the press: David Coppedge fired from JPL

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