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Claim: The Mars colony should be independent


Picture of the Planet Mars The Mars colony should be independent why?

Bloody wars have been fought over this kind of thing so we must consider.

Further to “Hoping to find remains of ancient life on Mars,we hear from BBC,

The idea is simple. Instead of having the humans who land and live on Mars answer back to their home planet’s companies and institutions, they should be given total independence. To ensure this independence, Haqq-Misra outlines five provisions of liberation.

Humans who land on Mars relinquish their Earthly citizenship. They are Martians now, not Earthlings

First, humans who land on Mars relinquish their Earthly citizenship. They are Martians now, not Earthlings. Second, governments, companies and people on Earth cannot interfere with the politics or economics of Mars. That means no coercive trading, no economic meddling, no backdoor deals for goods or services. Third, scientific exploration of Mars can continue as long as it doesn’t interfere with whatever civilisation is developing independently. Fourth, land use on Mars must be determined by Martians. And Fifth, anything that was brought from Earth to Mars is now Martian, and Earthlings can’t ask for it back.More.

File:A small cup of coffee.JPG Hey, thoughts?

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OT: This hypothesis on the 'Star of Bethlehem' actually has some fairly good weight to it that holds up to scrutiny:
Colin Nicholl and Eric Metaxas: The Great Christ Comet (starts to get interesting around the 20:00 minute mark) https://youtu.be/6mT-8O8S_Fw?t=1314
When Love was born - sung by Mark Schultz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKSU9Dbxvrw&index=5&list=RD4W8K3OhxVSw
News, you raise significant governance issues. A lunar or Martian or belter or gas giant moon settlement or even a big space station raises issues of government. Perhaps, initially some sort of international consortium with a carefully developed charter that opens the door to independence or some other status as appropriate as colonists decide? Where colony vs independent are not the only options. For instance you can have an international territory with its own local government but no pretence to be a full state. Linked, there is the spectrum of degrees of associated statehood with mutual partnership. But, such should be protective of investments and property rights. On track record, I would not be inclined to place such under UN jurisdiction. I also have big concerns that in our present state of thought, our civilisation is not in a good state to be writing constitutions due to too many unsound radical agendas on the loose and commonly influencing too many lawyers. KF kairosfocus
If the people who settle mars do it with their own money and intellectual patents(tech) then it is theirs after contract is made. As John Locke said mankind does not own the earth as individuals or nations bit it belongs to all men. any segregation is by contract only. Mars is for mankind. anywaus, noting things in cAnada and america, the NEW martians will not give up their identities and become a new people there. So they will fight and then the losers have to be rescued by US. Nobody is going to mars anyways. Uncomfortable and boring and no money and no chicks. Robert Byers

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