3 Replies to “New Scientist on why aliens probably exist

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    Dionisio says:

    probably exist?

    of course they exist! they’re everywhere, some legal, others illegal. I’ve been a legal one in several countries.

    it shouldn’t take a scientist to figure that out.

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    Dionisio says:

    ET not returning our calls?

    well, last time he was here in our planet some 30 years ago, apparently we didn’t welcome him too warmly, hence he phoned home and left kind of disappointed with us. Why do we want to call him back now? to apologize for our lack of hospitality? 🙂

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    Robert Byers says:

    Considering the great number of people who believe in a God WHY does not it get honourable mention about god as the origin for life and smart life?
    Its rude and dismissive of the majority of their audience.
    Most of the audience whould bring up the issue of God and aliens.
    God didn’t creat aliens. simple.
    god created man to live eternally in this universe.
    so we would reproduce eternally and be counted in the trillion pretty quick.
    The universe is sIMPLY undeveloped real estate for eternal man.
    We were not meant to live in heaven or hell.
    Even by now we should of been talking to each other from other planets/solar systems. nOt merely one side of this planet to the other..
    the universe out there was for mans colonization .
    Something went wrong.
    Christmas time hints at it.

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