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Your longer life expectancy kills off endangered species?

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“It’s not a random pattern,” said lead author Aaron Lotz, a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology when the study was conducted. “Out of all this data, that one factor — human life expectancy — was the determining factor for endangered and invasive birds and mammals.”

The study analyzed data from 100 countries, which included roughly 87 percent of the world’s population, 43 percent of global GDP per capita, and covered 74 percent of Earth’s total land area. Additional factors considered were agricultural intensity, rainfall, pesticide regulation, energy efficiency, wilderness protection, latitude, export-import ratio, undernourishment, adult literacy, female participation in government, and total population.

Where does that thought lead?

Some of us dismiss such claims because humans have kept countless endangered species alive as well, by protecting them.

That said, if you prefer that the endangered short-tipped shrill survive instead of you, it’s your call.

How did science become subject to such lunacy?


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