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Our solar system just right for life?


From Daily Galaxy:

“After measuring alpha in around 300 distant galaxies, a consistency emerged: this magic number, which tells us the strength of electromagnetism, is not the same everywhere as it is here on Earth, and seems to vary continuously along a preferred axis through the Universe,” said Webb.

“The implications for our current understanding of science are profound. If the laws of physics turn out to be merely “local by-laws”, it might be that whilst our observable part of the Universe favors the existence of life and human beings, other far more distant regions may exist where different laws preclude the formation of life, at least as we know it.

“If our results are correct, clearly we shall need new physical theories to satisfactorily describe them.”

The researchers’ conclusions are based on new measurements taken with the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile, along with their previous measurements from the world’s largest optical telescopes at the Keck Observatory, in Hawaii. More.

Well, we are here, aren’t we? If it were not for stuff like Darwinism, uniquess would hardly be news. But is this a valid finding?

See also: Copernicus, you are not going to believe who is using your name. Or how.


“Behold, countless Earths sail the galaxies … that is, if you would only believe …

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The whole Universe is special. Fine tuned extravaganza. Recent data now shows that even SUSY, for it to exist, will have to be exquisitely fine tuned. String Theorists should have seen THAT one coming lol. ppolish
Thank you Luke bornagain77
It's quoting an article from 2010. More recent observations by the same astronomers have concluded that there are "no significant cosmological variations in alpha". http://arxiv.org/abs/1606.06293 lukebarnes

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