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Couch potatoes, relax. Which you would anyway. It’s not you, it’s your genes. Or maybe not.


Canada's McMaster U has bred a mouse from which your cheese is quite safe. He'd rather sleep than eat.
From “Couch Potatoes Explained? Missing Key Genes May Be Cause for Lack of Resolve to Exercise, Researchers Find” (ScienceDaily, Sep. 6, 2011), we learn:

You may think your lack of resolve to get off the couch to exercise is because you’re lazy, but McMaster University researchers have discovered it may be you are missing key genes.

The researchers found the mice without the muscle AMPK genes had lower levels of mitochondria and an impaired ability for their muscles to take up glucose while they exercise.

Actually, there is a serious purpose that makes the study’s findings worthwhile:

Steinberg said the findings are important for individuals who find it difficult to exercise, such as the obese, asthmatics and people in wheelchairs. Their inability to exercise may lead to other complications such as diabetes and heart disease.

We knew that already, but what we didn’t know was that low levels of AMPK might make it difficult to exercise – leading to possible treatments.

See also: Epigenetic signatures: another blow to the “it’s in yer genes” industry.

Day by day, genetics discoveries undermine gene determinism. Intelligence suggests treatments, not acceptance.


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