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Flowering Plants: An Abominable Mystery

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Charles Darwin called it an “abominable mystery,” but a new study has solved the question of how flowering plants evolved. The answer: While busy implementing a new hydraulic system in plants, evolution accidently stumbled on improved photosynthesis as well. You see it just so happens that the two are linked. Improve one, and serendipitously the other improves as well. That’s fortunate. As ScienceDaily explains:  Read more

absolutist, We should start making up more magical evolutionary terms, using communistic or socialistic terms like evolution's redistribution of wealth, evolutionary welfare state, evolutionary market economy, aggregate supply etc. Clive Hayden
Another Abominable Mystery: Magic words evolutionists use.
appeared emerged arose gave rise to burst onto the scene evolved itself derived was on the way to becoming radiated into modified itself became a miracle of evolution was making the transition to manufactured itself evolution's way of dealing with was lucky...
derived emergent properties evolutionary transformation success of this evolutionary step tightly linked adaptations that increase and enhance exerting substantial evolutionary leverage event with profound significance this step productivity stimulus package reverberated across the biosphere playing the fundamental role this evolutionary step absolutist
It's pity I can't answer on the venue where the article is placed -my wordpress account obviously doesn't work there. So I put it here: Zachriel answering laugh out loud: If flowering plants are so good at surviving, why do non-flowering plants still exists? . . Non-flowering plants include algae, mosses, ferns and gymnosperms. Each organism needs to fit a niche in order to survive. Actually "laugh out loud" posited a perfect question. Your "niche" is nothing else than another void concept from the bizarre reality of the dreaming world od darwinism. Take the Giraffe. Long neck? There are plenty of herbivorous in the same area which survive without long necks. None of their members with longer neck obtain any "survival advantage" - otherwise there would be many long-necked species. But short-necked thrive as well. Actually Giraffes feed bended down, having their necks horizontaly. Only in the bizarre neodarwinian world they occupy some mysterious "niche". ---- Back to the article. Wilhelm Troll - the most well-known proponent of so called idealistic German morphology - claimed that all plants are variations of an ideal archetypal plant "Die Urpflanze". Unless you read his textbooks you wouldnt believe what morphological similiraties threre are let say between the cabbage and conifer. More about Troll on my blog: http://cadra.wordpress.com/ VMartin

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