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Ninety-nine per cent chimpanzee rides again? In a Christian rag? Well, maybe only 96%?

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Dennis Venema, Biologos’s senior fellow for science, and biology chair at Canada’s evangelical Trinity Western University, would have us know (p. 25) that

the chimp genome(total genetic heredity encoded in DNA), which was fully mapped by 2005,displays “near identity”with the human genome as detailed by Collins’s team, with a 95 to 99 percent match depending on what factors are included.

As Reasons to Believe biochemist Fuz Rana has pointed out (and he’s quoted), that would merely suggest that genes don’t count for much in determining what an entity will be like. As a result, the figure is widely disputed.

Here’s geneticist Richard Buggs to start.

More notes on Christianity Today’s “Darwin ‘n Jesus ‘n me” article here. The article here.

Did not niwrad's analysis on this site show that chimps and human's genome is around 96% identical? The degrees of similarity he showed taken at a 30 BPM measure worked out to around that figure... Was that analysis incorrect? atheistIDer

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