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Dumped BioLogians could make own Expelled film?

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From my notes on Christianity Today’s June 2011 “Darwin ‘n Jesus ‘n me” article. The article offers a look at Christian Darwinist think tank BioLogos:

Biblical exegete Daniel C. Harlow, along with theologian John R. Schneider, are being investigated for violating doctrinal standards at Calvin College, for their work in ASA’s Perspectives. BioLogos (Christian Darwinist think tank) has as its biblical expert Peter Enns, whose Old Testament theorizing led to his suspension from Westminster Theological Seminary (p. 26). Similarly, Tremper Longman III found that he was no longer an adjunct faculty member at Reformed Theological Seminary, due to an article he published at BioLogos, saying that nothing insists on a literal understanding of Adam. So, if this is the new orthodoxy, it’s revolution, not evolution. Also Bruce Waltke, from Reformed, for similar discordances. These people could make their own Expelled film; they were expelled from Christian colleges for Darwinism, the way ID folk have been expelled from Christian and secular colleges for not for doubting Darwinism. 

Maybe they could set up their own Christian Darwinist college and recruit only biologians as teachers? In a free country, you know …


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