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The Man With Two Fingerprints also has his donor’s semen

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Hard on the heels of the Man With Two Fingerprints, more news about the same guy (a transplant recipient):

It turns out Long’s DNA is different around his body.

His chest and head hair for instance only show his DNA, whereas swabs from his cheeks, lip, and tongue show mixed DNA from both men.

Interestingly enough, when samples of Long’s semen were taken the DNA from it only came up as belonging to his German donor.

Fabienne Lang, “Man’s Semen Only Shows DNA of His Donor after Bone Marrow Transplant” at Interesting Engineering

Well first, as commenter Latemarch put it at the previous story, “He is still the same “person.” His DNA has changed but he’s still the same person. Another blow to materialism…think about it.”

If he had kids, who would they look like?, one wonders. Talk about not knowing who your ancestors are.

See also: The larger lesson from the story of the Man With Two Fingerprints Remember when DNA was Certain? When people were executed or spent life in prison on account of DNA evidence? “Your DNA is on it” was like Holy Writ. DNA was the guarantor of the Darwinian selfish gene. And now… The worst thing that ever happened to Darwinism was DNA mapping.

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Lol. You guys have posted about this twice now and still haven't figured out how incompetent you are? If you took five minutes to actually read the nyt article originally cited, you'd see that 1) the guy can't have kids because he had a vasectomy and 2) this is the likely reason that (according to the guys own doctor) his semen contains the donors DNA. And if you guys knew anything about biology you'd understand that the donors DNA is showing up in all these places because they are basically just repeatedly extracting white blood cells from his mouth. When they go to his chest and head, it's his own DNA. The guy's own DNA has not changed in any way, he just has cells floating around that are not his own, made by the implanted bone marrow stem cells that are not his own. The only thing interesting about this story is the implications for forensics, and I guess the fact that you guys tried to turn this into a "DNA proves Darwin wrong story". You guys are comically ignorant when it comes to biology. Sven Mil

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