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Global Warming=Climate Change De-Bunked


Two days ago a press release came out about an article indicating that 5,600 years ago (BP=Before the Present Age [you see, BP avoids the word “Christian”–something that is de rigeur these days]) global temperatures in Antarctica were warmer than they are today. Think about that. How old is the Chinese dynasties? What about Egypt? They lived through these times. Did THEY cause “global warming.”

Well, today, there’s another press release. This one, too, is about Antarctica and tells us that in the mid-to-late Holocene (our present age)–which is around the same 5,600 years ago as mentioned above, sea ice in Antarctica was in retreat more than it is today. Their results are based on southern elephant seal occupation sites. Here is the HTML version of the paper (no pdf access).

Let me quote (Conclusion section):

SES existed on the VLC between ∼7100 and 500 yr BP in areas where they do not live at present. We infer that their former presence reflects reduced summertime landfast ice and likely warmer ocean temperatures compared to today for much of the Holocene. Based on the greatest extent of seal remains, particularly in the colder southern regions, we infer that periods with the least landfast sea ice and warmest ocean temperatures were at ∼5200 and 2300-1800 yr BP (Fig. 8). A population crash at ∼1000 yr BP (de Bruyn et al., 2009) and eventual abandonment of the coast by SES a few centuries later suggest that the coldest, iciest coastal conditions in the postglacial period occurred in the last millennium, in agreement with coastal geomorphology.

Where are the scientists? Where are those who will say that this type of mounting evidence should any and all fears concerning any global rise in temperatures? Will those with intellectual honesty and mountains of courage please stand up?!

Vividbleau @20, Agreed. Such batteries are also insanely polluting where they're made. We certainly need both new battery and new energy technologies, some currently being developed. But . . . The pathetic reality is that officious bureaucrats are under the mistaken perception that their imposition of flurries of draconian new rules and requirements will magically make such things a reality through the brilliance of their karmic auras (or something). Left to themselves, it would take them a thousand years just to rediscover "fire" after reducing society to stone-age survival. Ok, maybe only 200 years. -Q Querius
Q My son works as a fireman in a major city. This is what happens when a Tesla battery catches fire. My Son “ This call was in , city redacted , was not on it. Just thought this is our future. When electric vehicles are invoked in accidents there is a chance of thermal runaway if the battery is involved. Only way to put it out is to flow water on it for multiple hours and it's a hazmat call cause of all the chemicals it releases. Very environmentally friendly “ FYI it required seven fire trucks and a hazmat unit. Going green is an environmental disaster, it’s a scam and anyone who has bought into it demonstrates their total ignorance or they have other agendas. One thing they are not for is the preservation of the environment. I see where Biden is giving money to Poland to build nuclear plants but building one here in US? Hell no!! Vivid vividbleau
When I first heard that carbon dioxide was now being considered a pollutant, I thought the world had gone crazy and that journalists who reported this must have flunked junior high school science! -Q Querius
Ah... my favorite subject of the last 20 years. The Global Climate hasn't changed because there is no such thing. Its a BoogeyMan for the weak-minded. Andrew asauber
I've fixed the link. A pdf version of the paper isn't available, but the fixed link gets you to a HTML copy of it. Again, no one seems to reach the reasonable conclusion that within last 10,000 years, it's been warmer than it now is--unless Antarctica was warmer than the rest of the globe. Jerry, there is a parallel between the blackballing of climate scientists who point out the folly of climate hysteria and the blackballing of anyone who dares represent intelligent design as science. A hint of either idea is intolerable to the "consensus" science. PaV
An article I read a few days ago.
The Climate Scare Narrative Continues To Collapse
https://issuesinsights.com/2023/02/14/the-climate-scare-narrative-continues-to-collapse/ Individuals will make judgments based on personal experience. Here in New Hampshire there has been relatively little snow the last three winters while also recording the lowest wind chill in history - minus 110 degrees on Mt Washington. jerry
The bottom line is that climate always changes. And humanity has contributed a real, but mostly unknown amount to that change (anthropogenic impact). But so have volcanoes and supervolcanoes. For example, the Mount Tambora eruption of 1815 resulted in a year without a summer and directly resulted in massive rainfall that ultimately lead to Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo a day later. https://www.sciencealert.com/mount-tambora-eruption-1815-napoleon-defeat-battle-of-waterloo-electrostatic-levitation Then if the Yellowstone super volcano erupts . . . https://www.columbiatribune.com/story/news/2021/06/16/what-happen-when-yellowstone-supervolcano-erupts-again/7653554002/ Or maybe not . . . https://www.livescience.com/yellowstone-caldera-supervolcano-eruption What scares me more is when someone like George Soros says we need to block out sunlight, or when in the 1960s IIRC, some scientists advocated detonating nuclear weapons at the poles "to prevent another ice age." Currently, we're near historical lows for atmospheric carbon dioxide, which is basically "plant food." What would be a far better action is to replant the forests of the earth, which will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, not to mention the alarming rate of deforestation of the earth that governments pretend to be helpless in preventing. -Q Querius
I forgot to mention the slave labor involved with the mining of cobalt. https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2022/12/27/joe-rogan-guest-reveals-subhuman-origins-of-electric-vehicles-smartphones-from-chinese-controlled-cobalt-mines/ There is no such thing as zero emissions, the environmental damage is enormous and it’s fueled by slave labor and people. Climate change “warriors” what a bunch of ill informed hypocrites! Vivid vividbleau
PAV re 8 On another thread I mentioned a book written many years ago “ Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” This climate change hysteria is a classic delusion. Nothing more than a money and power grab. Hard to believe intelligent people drink this flavor of kool aid. The environmental damage is enormous https://cei.org/blog/wrong-again-50-years-of-failed-eco-pocalyptic-predictions/ https://twitter.com/casperj33081634/status/1588827561794363392 Vivid vividbleau
It is easy to debunk the "climate crisis" meme -- all you have to do is look further back in time than the records the alarmists trot out to claim "unprecedented" weather events. Here are a few favourites: 1. in the middle ages, Vikings set up in Greenland, with farms, livestock, etc. that died out when the "little ice age" (LIA) began hundreds of years later. Are there successful farms and livestock there today? 2. the current warming of 1+C degrees is often reported to have happened beginning in 1900 or so, which was the end of the LIA, which itself was the coldest period of the preceding 3000 years. Thus, a 1C rise is maybe a return to "normal". 3. some retreating glaciers reveal past human habitations when they melt, proving that the same glacier used to be even further retreated before growing (probably during the LIA). 4. the horrendous flooding in Pakistan last year was not unprecedented. Indeed, the country has seen similar flooding every few years since records have been kept. 5. the 20+ year drought in the SW USA is short-lived compared to some of the droughts that occurred hundreds of years earlier in the southern US. 6. the medieval warm period was about as warm as today, depending on which data you look at. It is often referred to as an "optimum" because the climate (at least in Europe) was beneficial to human civilization, or so I have read. One can go on collecting counter examples to debunk the "crisis" alarmism, that attributes every extreme weather event to "climate change". Yes, the climate is changing, as it always has done! And humans probably had some role in the recent changes, but the planet is not in existential danger! For more on this, have a read at: https://thopid.blogspot.com/2020/11/climate-change-revisited.html Fasteddious
Jerry at 19, I doubt you have the ability to read minds. If "global warming" is designed to control the population, explain that. Or to score minor points, explain that. Meanwhile, I think billionaires don't want to die and they want to get richer. I'll believe "global warming" is real when they start to sell their beachfront property in Florida. relatd
None of the normal critics has even attempted to address the import of this OP: that is, GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX!
No one here is interested in Global Warming. Some are interested in it as a means to control the population. Some are interested as a way to score minor points. But they know it is a bogus issue. Aside: the temperature at some place on the Earth over 5,000 years ago is at at best going to generate a yawn. No one cares about that. Aside2: Most people commenting here don’t care about anything but religion (either for or against) certainly not about ID or bogus issues such as climate change. Denyse does her best to provide interesting topics which most get ignored till someone introduces extraneous topics and off go the comments. It’s a rarity for an OP to stay on the original theme. jerry
PaV The paper contains an abstract and "section snippets" with no further access apparently to the entire study. The authors candidly admit that much of their hypothesizing is "speculative" and there is a paucity of data available. Yet on that basis you conclude that global warming and/or climate change--you are not clear on that point--have been "de-bunked" and that global warming "is a hoax." All in capital letters, I would add. I generally assume that someone that feels that it is important to throw editorializing in support of Christianity or Christ in their comments on science research has an agenda way beyond the topic presented. Finally, nit-picking, as you call it, is of fundamental importance in science research. The devil is always in the details..... chuckdarwin
A simple observation: None of the normal critics has even attempted to address the import of this OP: that is, GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX! Instead, they nit-pick about what BP represents and want to complain about my complaining. This is called the "art of diversion." Why not comment of what this research is telling us? PaV
I always read it as "Before Christ's Era" and "Christ's Era". Turns heads. EDTA
More like "aufgewacht" if I remember my German, although I don't think it was 17th-century German we were being taught in the twentieth century. I didn't realize that BCE/CE went as far back as the 1700s, though. We should get away from pegging dating schemes to some possibly mythical religious event and go to Stardates. Seversky
Relatd writes:
The Woke Mob changed this to
I wasn’t aware that 17th century Germany was all that woke. Alan Fox
The so-called Woke mob had nothing to do with the change. Way before their time….. chuckdarwin
CD at 1, That's not correct. All dates I saw in textbooks in the 1960s had BC and AD. "AD stands for Anno Domini, Latin for “in the year of the Lord”, while BC stands for “before Christ”. The Woke Mob changed this to: "BCE stands for “Before Common Era.” Just like how we use CE as a more secular way of saying AD, we also use BCE as a more inclusive way of saying BC. The year 500 BCE. is the same year as 500 BC." Reclusive I say. "more inclusive" is not going to include more people. It's more Woke Fiction. And let's disrespect Christ in the process. Make everything more secular to satisfy Woke (non) sensibilities. Someone must have given the following order: "We're going to change things by pushing the Christians out of the way." relatd
BCE (before current era) and CE (current era)
Doesn't this mean "Before the Christian Era" and the "Christian Era." What happened approximately 2023 years ago? jerry
BP is a dating convention developed by archeologists, paleontologists and geologists related to carbon dating. It is technically denoted "calBP" which means "calibrated before present." All BP dates are calibrated to 1950 so the convention doesn't have to be updated every year. It has nothing to do with elimination of references to Christianity or Christ. The conventions BCE (before current era) and CE (current era) are replacing BC and AD respectively and are being changed for one of two reasons: (1) to give Christians one more thing to whine about, like the author of the OP does or (2) to acknowledge that the original conventions are disrespectful to the plus or minus 5 billion non-Christians in the world that represent two-thirds of the world's population. True to form, changes in convention will result in someone having their feelings hurt...... chuckdarwin

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