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Abraham Lincoln’s odd connection with Darwin

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From Evolution News:

Abraham Lincoln shares a birthday with Charles Darwin — in fact, they were born on the same day, February 12, 1809. Of late, die-hard supporters of Darwin’s theory have been trying to supplant Lincoln with Darwin. This year, three U.S. Congressmen reintroduced legislation to officially recognize Lincoln’s birthday as “Darwin Day.” Given the partisan affiliations of the congressmen (they’re all Democrats), one may be forgiven for thinking that their motives, ahem, might not be solely to honor Darwin.

Perhaps they also want to demote the memory of the first Republican President. If that is the case, they should try to be a little more creative next year. Rather than simply reintroducing the same tired Darwin Day proposal, why not suggest blasting away Lincoln’s face on Mt. Rushmore and replacing it with the smiling visage of Saint Charles?

This is not to claim that all Darwinists are snubbing Lincoln for Darwin. Indeed, others seem to be trying hard to shoehorn him in. These more inclusive Darwinists include members of the Ethical Humanist Society of Green Bay, Wisconsin, who apparently were going to discuss both Darwin and Lincoln at their annual Darwin Day confab. – John G. West, February 12, 2023

Lincoln, incidentally, was not a Darwinist. He was a fan, rather, of Robert Chambers:

Chambers believed that the natural laws that produced nature were merely the means of implementing the overarching and pre-ordained plans of a designer. At one point in his book, he even drew a parallel between his view and the Platonic idea that there were pre-existing “archetypes” on which the things in the visible world were ultimately based. (Vestiges, first edition, p. 204) In another section, Chambers argued that because of the regularities of structure found throughout the biological world there must have been an “original Divine conception of all the forms of being which these natural laws were only instruments in working out and realizing…lo, the whole plan of being is as symmetrical as the plan of a house, or the laying out of an old-fashioned garden! This must needs have been devised and arranged for beforehand. And what a preconception or forethought have we here!” (Ibid., pp. 231-232) – John G. West, February 12, 2023

At this point, Darwinism) is simply a religion, one of the strands of “the Science” now promoted by publications like Scientific American and Nature that used to retail science for popular understanding.

Even Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne is beginning to get the fact that something is wrong. See, for example: Jerry Coyne on how Scientific American is departing from science. Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne will likely never know how much is own attitudes over the years helped build, for him and his, the climate that once spelled trouble only for — for example — researchers who see design in nature.

It’s not clear what can be done about it if the big money is backing the transition.

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