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BBC on baffling new human origins find from 400,000-yr-old DNA


(Others weigh in here on prospect of masses more information.)

Here’s the BBC:

But the results are perplexing, raising more questions than answers about our increasingly complex family tree.

The fossils carry many traits typical of Neanderthals, and either belong to an ancestral species known as Homo heidelbergensis – or, as the British palaeoanthropologist Chris Stringer suggests – are early representatives of the Neanderthal lineage.

“That is our next big thing here, to sequence at least part of the nuclear genome from the individual in the Sima de los Huesos,” Svante Paabo told BBC News.

“This will answer definitively the question of how they are related to Neanderthals, modern humans and Denisovans.”

Okay, but remember this incident?: “Complete skull of an adult male Homo erectus creates shock waves” Three is a trend, two is a coincidence, one is a fossil that creates shock waves.


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