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Coffee!! Warm beer and raw eggs explain migration to Europe

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In “Fire did not spark human colonisation of cold Europe”, we learn that one particular treasured Darwin myth – humans accidentally discovered fire, and then everything happens – might not be so.

“The European evidence strongly suggests that the habitual and controlled use of fire was a late phenomenon,” Villa and Roebroeks conclude. 

The findings controversially suggest that people migrated from Africa to the below-freezing winter temperatures of Europe without fire. These early hominins might have combined a high-protein diet with a highly active lifestyle to survive, the researchers speculate.

The conclusion also questions Wrangham’s hypothesis that an increase in human brain size was tied to the invention of cooking.

Wrangham remains to be convinced. He points out that whenever cooking did arise, it would have led to profound biological effects on the humans alive at the time. There’s no evidence for those effects in 400,000-year-old hominin fossils, he says.

Hey, have fun. This kitchen war is free.

2 Replies to “Coffee!! Warm beer and raw eggs explain migration to Europe

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    aedgar says:

    Hmmm, let me see. I’m a Canadian with a high protein diet, an active lifestyle and the ability to light a fire at the time and place of my choosing. If I were to migrate somewhere my choice would be the Caribbean rather than the Northwest Territories. Why would early hominins, if they really existed, choose to move from Africa to Europe if they had no control over fire? More evolutionist nonsense.

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    O'Leary says:

    Hey, aedgar, welcome.

    I am scheming to produce a world run by Canucks. Little crime, no violence, except on the ice, real beer for once, and everybody works together with NO Big Guy. Politics is just a sport where we vote on our taxes. That’s it.

    All this said, I see quite clearly what you mean. Even if the men were for pushing on to get their polar bear fleece or whatever, wouldn’t the women say, not us, we ain’t moving, not out of sight of the fruit/nut trees …? And the women would, of course, be right.

    Many human evolution theories trade on the assumption that women sat around and waited for men. In reality, they must always have caught fish – a great source of protein, and there for the taking.

    Fish, as it happens, are usually stupid, so even the simplest trap will work.

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