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You know Big Media are tanking when their readers must do their investigative journalism …

credit Laszlo Bencze

Here’s an interesting reflection on the accelerating collapse of legacy mainstream media: A curious fact emerged from the frenzied search through U.S. politician Sarah Palin’s e-mails (which turned up nothing much), that the Big Media had enlisted their readers’ help in goingthrough the boxes of administrivia. In which case:

One embarrassing aspect of this episode, among several, is that major newspapers like the Times and the Post don’t seem to have the resources to review a few boxes of emails to determine whether there is anything there of interest. Otherwise, why would they solicit help from hundreds of readers? In my business, litigation, it is not unusual for parties to produce tens of millions of documents. A production of 13,000 emails would be considered minuscule. That our major newspapers evidently don’t have staff to do this minimal amount of work speaks volumes about their decline. – “Another embarrassment for the legacy media,” (Powerline June 10, 2011)

It’s not only people who vote for Palin’s party who have noticed. This story flew in Canada.

In the past, that level of reader collaboration with a story was usually impossible, quite apart from the fact that, to former media culture, it would be unthinkable. While these measures may stave off a specific stage of decline, they mostly demonstrate why the decline must proceed.

How will this stage of the decline of nanny media affect the design controversy? It raises the cost of shoving “expertise” that doesn’t fit widely known facts right in the readers’ faces.

Essentially, the medium whose journalists need readers to help them sort through the tsunami of information are roughly equivalent to a community blog like Uncommon Descent. But they are much more expensive to operate.  It’s their critical weakness.

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The reason the big media is tanking is because they just are not very good. Audiences have been found for news discussions by conservative commentators etc and the internet. the interference of identity selection and liberalism of opinion is the reason that the small circles of the big media have failed to keep audiences. In short they should allow back MEN, Protestants, 'Whites" Native born, like only girls, and who are not happy about Obama, Clinton, Kennedy, but tear up at the name of Reagan. Even shorter. Just hire people fair and square on ability to present the news without an agenda. Origin subjects coverage is a good indicator of whether the big media can FAIRLY and fULLY describe a contention of the people. They don't now do so. They have a agenda and no hint of fear it matters to be so one sided.Robert Byers
June 13, 2011
01:57 AM

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