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Evolutionary psychology: Tracing the road to extinction

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Here is my latest MercatorNet article, dissecting the caveman theory of psychology, explaining why evolutionary psychology is so rapidly losing credibility:

“Is human behaviour really based on the survival strategies of our Pleistocene ancestors?”

Well, the stone hatchet is certainly poised over our iconic cavemen. A recent Scientific American podcast admits as much, and without the narrator throwing a panic attack either.

Why this? Why now? And why such equinamity?

Secular materialist thinkers have as deep a desire as anyone to understand the wellsprings of human nature. But they are much more restricted in where they can look. From the very beginning of the organized “human evolution” movement, starting with Darwin’s publication of The Descent of Man, they have mined random findings from evolution for deep truths about human nature.

So what went so wrong, so badly, and so soon?

Go here for more and for the links, and great Flintstones graphics.

2 Replies to “Evolutionary psychology: Tracing the road to extinction

  1. 1
    lamarck says:

    Evolutionary psychology is the centerpiece of Evolution. It’s a tool used to control people, and this is the reason for it’s thought monopoly in all public school education, and it’s pervasiveness in mainstream media.

    The science isn’t even secondary, it’s an afterthought, in upper circles of control. There wouldn’t be nearly as much fuss about all this if the intention was going after the truth.

  2. 2
    allanius says:

    Hey, Denyse–check this one out. They can’t decide which they hate more: religion, or the determinism that results from naturalism. Pick your poison!

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