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HE muddy delta not branching tree


From John Hawks (U Madison-Wisconsin) at Aeon:

In the 1970s, geneticists noticed that humans are surprisingly inbred for a worldwide species. Other great apes – the chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans – each have much more variation, so much that today’s primatologists recognise two species of orangutans, and up to four species of chimpanzees and gorillas. These apes have deep histories, with populations separated for hundreds of thousands of years. By contrast, humans throughout the world look like refugees from a single small part of Africa. Some scientists even wondered if a massive volcanic eruption might have decimated our numbers.

But deeper gene sequencing and broader samples of people changed the picture. Our population did not originate in a catastrophe. When Neanderthals, Denisovans and ghost lineages, both inside and outside Africa, walked the Earth, their populations were each quite inbred, but collectively they were diverse, more like gorillas or chimpanzees than today’s humans. Across the past 200,000 years, these separate streams were swallowed up by the growth of one African branch of humanity. Humans spread through the world like a broad river delta, carrying slightly different fractions of the flow of ancient streams.More.

The rest of us have noticed that there is only one human race too. It’s too bad if that doesn’t suit Darwin’s theory. Enough is enough.

See also: Psychs’ plans to Darwinize the younger set. Hey, wait a minute! “Evolution” does not mean that nothing is designed for a purpose. That is metaphysical naturalism, whose creation story is Darwinism. Teaching that amounts to using publicly funded schools to teach religion. Made-up child psychology that promotes it should be seen for what it is.

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We are not from africa. how could they know even by their crackpot ideas?? Did we speak one language in this african home? were we all black or like traits of sub saharan blacks? Everything they say seems to come from the last graduating class! its not well done and is crazy speculative while claiming evidence based. Robert Byers

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