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Human evolution: National Geographic reports on the prehistoric Iceman autopsy

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Remember that dude from over 5000 years ago found encased in ice in the Austrian Alps? The Iceman melts here, an apparent murder victim:

The autopsy results have also rewritten the story of the Iceman’s final moments. The neuroscientists determined that blood had indeed accumulated at the back of the Iceman’s brain, suggesting some sort of trauma—either from falling on his face from the force of the arrow, Zink speculated, or perhaps from a coup de grâce administered by his assailant. DNA analysis of the final meal is ongoing, but one thing is already clear: It was greasy. Initial tests indicate the presence of fatty, baconlike meat of a kind of wild goat called an alpine ibex. “He really must have had a heavy meal at the end,” Zink said—a fact that undermines the notion that he was fleeing in fear. Instead, it appears he was resting in a spot protected from the wind, tranquilly digesting his meal, unaware of the danger he was in.

And of course, unaware of the intense attention awaiting him far in the future. The Iceman might be the most exposed and invaded person who ever walked the planet. “There were moments yesterday,” Zink said in a soft, almost surprised voice, “when you felt sorry for him. He was so … explored. All his secrets—inside him, outside him, all around him—were open to exploration.” He paused and added, “Only the arrowhead remains inside him, as if he’s saying, This is my last secret.”

Maybe. They said that before they found the arrowhead.

I saw this on Nova. They are wrong. He was only someone from about !500BC or later. The long dates given are bad dating things. Thats why they have to stress how ADVANCED these stone age people were. the axe etc are too well done for stone age people. Thats right. These are just Celts or Germans etc and these tools were known before entering Europe. Robert Byers

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