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Human face evolved due to punches?

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Yawn here:

According to researchers at the University of Utah, the bones of the human face have evolved to be more robust for protection against repeated impacts by small objects like the human fist, which they claim similarly evolved to protect the hand’s delicate musculoskeletal system when punching.

David Carrier, co-author of “Protective buttressing of the hominin face,” said in a statement that, “[i]f indeed the evolution of our hand proportions were associated with selection for fighting behavior you might expect the primary target, the face, to have undergone evolution to better protect it from injury when punched.”

But we knew this before there was science, right? Why do we need science for this type of thing? Why don’t we just make it all up? How about “autism” or “sociopathy” caused the human mind.

Oh wait. Some prof out there has actually built his career on one or another such claim.

Welcome to science in a time of decline.

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3 Replies to “Human face evolved due to punches?

  1. 1
    awstar says:

    The authors don’t claim this to be about science. It’s more like a religious quest.

    “Our research is about peace. We seek to explore, understand, and confront humankind’s violent and aggressive tendencies. Peace begins with ourselves and is ultimately achieved through disciplined self-analysis and an understanding of where we’ve come from as a species. Through our research we hope to look ourselves in the mirror and begin the difficult work of changing ourselves for the better.”

  2. 2
    Robert Byers says:

    SO this means my ancestors were the ones who could take a punch. finally i’m on the tough guys team!
    I guess they no longer believe we have tougher head bones for bigger heads holding bigger brains(well for some as mr Wade says).

  3. 3
    Mung says:

    I must be highly evolved then, because when it comes to my face someone didn’t pull their punches.

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