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Human footprints found from 800,000 years ago in Britain

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Archaeologists announced Friday that they have discovered human footprints in England that are between 800,000 and 1 million years old — the most ancient found outside Africa, and the earliest evidence of human life in northern Europe.

A team from the British Museum, London’s Natural History Museum and Queen Mary college at the University of London uncovered imprints from up to five individuals in ancient estuary mud at Happisburgh on the country’s eastern coast.

Apparently, the tide later washed them away.

Britain happened to be cold back then, so

“Maybe they had cultural adaptations to the cold we hadn’t even thought were possible 900,000 years ago. Did they wear clothing? Did they make shelters, windbreaks and so on? Could they have the use of fire that far back?” he asked.

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Strange, footprints survive for 900,000 years, then get washed away. What would preserve them all those years anyway? The first rain usually washes away footprints in mud. mjazzguitar

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