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Human hybridization addressed at conference

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From Todd Wood:

Beyond that, it was incredibly refreshing to hear the talks in this symposium. Hybridization has been a passing interest of mine for a long time (thanks to Frank Marsh), and long ago, I came to the conclusion that hybridization was not remotely rare (like I had been taught) and that the biological species concept didn’t really explain what we were seeing in the real world of hybridizing species. Sure enough, Rebecca Ackermann of the University of Cape Town said that the Biological Species Concept is basically dead. That was in the first talk of the day. In the second, Mike Arnold of the University of Georgia said that introgressive hybridization is the rule in eukaryotes, plants and animals.

Now that might not mean much to you, but it means a lot to me. The biological species concept was an explicitly evolutionary idea, that species would be distinguished by their inability to breed with each other.

Too many lecterns splintered over too few facts.

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Finallt the species idea is dead as a dodo. Actually the bible said there were no species but only basic kINDS. Then looking at people, from a original couple, must demand that looking very different in a type doesn't make a species. Mankind are not species. even Darwin said that. There are segregate breeding population groups. yrt what they look like in the group must not be the basis for saying they are different species. Species concept was too much about looks and imagining how the looks difference came. The origin of species was a wrong concept right off. Hope nobody wrote a book with that title. Robert Byers

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