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I have never had strong views about human evolution but …

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In recent years, I got a chance to look at hundreds of articles making claims for various aspects of human evolution. A summary of what I learned might be useful:

Real (and imagined) “human evolution” is now so integral to our culture that demand outpaces authenticity. The disappointing history of Sahelanthropus, Orrorin, and Ardi, all hailed in 2001 as human ancestors, attests to the frustrating search for “missing links.” Sediba, another supposed ancestor, fared no better in 2013. A science writer at Wired, not known for intelligent-design sympathies, derides the ceaseless buzz as “ancestor worship.” One outcome is that many “separate species of human ancestors” may never have really existed and “may now have to be wiped from the textbooks.”

2. There are signals in the noise! As it happens, they are not the signals many hoped to receive. The half human creature we were originally seeking continues to elude us. From surprisingly early periods, we encounter special respect for the dead and a sense of the divine, along with familiar artifacts and organized activities.

3. Early human religion seems like a 747 built in the basement with an X-Acto knife. No one predicted anything like the recent Gobekli Tepe find in Turkey: … More..

I doubt researchers are going to get anywhere from here because, given materialist doctrine, it is not clear where to head.

I start a new series beginning in September, I will examine materialist claims for the human mind. If you think materialist claims about bones don’t make much sense, hang on and hear about claims for the mind.

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How much longer before we can put this secular creation myth to rest and get science back on track? We've got 160+- years of Darwinian mayhem to set right. humbled
BA in #1
When the entire genomes are compared between humans and chimps, it becomes clear that they were each engineered uniquely and separately by an Omnipotent Creator.
This may be so, but the Omnipotent Creator isn't nearly as crafty as the one who performs those scientific studies, twists the facts of what is discovered, presents the findings as truth that contradicts the Omnipotent Creator, then accuses those who are skeptical of the findings as being anti-science. My lastest goto prayer: “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” awstar
BA77, Thanks for the Myth of 98% link. Very interesting! Dr. Tompkins goes on extensively about why the famed human chromosomal fusion event could not have happened. He moves me significantly in the direction of abandoning common ancestry. Moose Dr
also of related interest: podcast-Dr. Jonathan Wells: How Much of the Human Genome is Functional? http://intelligentdesign.podomatic.com/entry/2014-08-18T15_09_44-07_00 Dr. Wells explains the concept of “junk DNA,” and why there is such a stark disagreement between those who say our genome is at least 80% functional, and those who say it’s only 8.2%–and how we can know who to listen to. bornagain77
Nice article News! :) Of related interest to the topic, Dr. Tomkins has a new article up: Chimp DNA Mutation Study—Selective Yet Surprising - Jeffrey Tomkins - August 16, 2014 Excerpt: It was initially noted by another group of evolutionary scientists that when comparing random chimp genomic sequence only "about two thirds could be unambiguously aligned to DNA sequences in humans”(2). In confirmation of this widely known, but seldom discussed, inconvenient fact among those evolutionists working in the field was a comprehensive study published in 2013 by this author (3). In that research, I compared each individual chimpanzee chromosome to human (piece-by-piece) and it was shown that the chimpanzee genome was only 70% similar on average to human, with only short regions being highly similar. ,,, 30% difference in their genomes—some 900,000,000 DNA letter differences.,,, When the entire genomes are compared between humans and chimps, it becomes clear that they were each engineered uniquely and separately by an Omnipotent Creator. http://www.designed-dna.org/blog/files/baf81fbc404eb8e24c9b6bd7953817c5-110.php =========== The Myth of 98% Genetic Similarity between Humans and Chimps - Jeffrey Tomkins PhD. - video https://vimeo.com/95287522 bornagain77

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