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Neanderthal leather-working tools at 40,000 mya resemble modern ones

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According to Nature News, “Neanderthals made leather-working tools like those in use today”:

Excavations of Neanderthal sites more than 40,000 years old have uncovered a kind of tool that leather workers still use to make hides more lustrous and water resistant. The bone tools, known as lissoirs, had previously been associated only with modern humans. The latest finds indicate that Neanderthals and modern humans might have invented the tools independently.

If so, should we call that convergent evolution or convergent intelligence?

File with:Neanderthals could talk? Warning: Concept now used to claim that language was no big leap after all”

Oh and, by the way, Michael Cremo is still wrong. 😉

2 Replies to “Neanderthal leather-working tools at 40,000 mya resemble modern ones

  1. 1
    Johnnyfarmer says:

    Form necessarily follows function …. I say convergent intelligence … unless modern humans found one made of bone and copied it !!!

  2. 2
    Johnnyfarmer says:

    But not necessarily so ….

    With evolution form is an accident waiting for a function to take advantage of it !!! That function may often be a reflex or instinctive behavior. A tail must be wagged.

    With design intelligence first visualizes a function and then engineers a form

    Hope I make cents.

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