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Forgot About Global Warming?

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Don’t blame ya. It’s easy to forget things that aren’t happening. Not much to report but here goes:

Solar Activity Lowest in 100 Years. Sunspots still MIA.

NAS reports 50 million year cooling trend.


AGW/Kyoto is a socialist scam set up to stiffle the economies of developed affluent nations (particularly the US) using "guilt" as a driving factor whilest excusing the massive and growing GHG emissions of developing nations such as China and India. However in the end its the very poor nations that will suffer. The disingenuous nature of AGW advocates is their firm opposition to the expansion of nuclear energy which has a negligible C footprint. Their real agenda is exposed in this hypocrisy. deric davidson
The industrial revolution began about 100 years ago and yet not one dock on the east coast has had to be raised one single inch. Frost122585
I don't know enough about Global Warming to debate with people about it, but I honestly think it's a joke. Besides, even if it were to be real, I don't know that I could do anything... well, I'm sure I could help out the masses who think they can. But who's to say they can effectively do anything anyway? I figure I'm probably gonna die one way or another, global warming or not. I've heard of a similar statistic from my former co-worker who said his class did a study and found out that what's going on now on Earth has been happening for millions of years. Life is still on earth too... I'm not sure Global Warming is so deadly even if we grant that it is happening. Domoman

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