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Neanderthals used string?

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It was found one layer above the duct tape. 😉

From New Scientist,

Perishable materials usually rot away, so the oldest string on record only dates back 30,000 years. But perforations in small stone and tooth artefacts from Neanderthal sites in France suggest the pieces were threaded on string and worn as pendants. “The wear patterns provide circumstantial evidence of early use of string, but the evidence is not definitive,” says Bruce Hardy at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. Similar circumstantial evidence has been found in perforated shells.

Now, Hardy and his colleagues have found slender, 0.7-millimetre-long plant fibres that are twisted together near some stone artefacts at a site in south-east France that was occupied by Neanderthals 90,000 years ago. Such fibres are not twisted together in nature, says the team, suggesting that the Neanderthals were responsible. More.

Actually, with a pendant, the operative part is the string.

It would be interesting to know how they secured the string. A pendant that is worn close to the throat must be secured by a knot that can be tied and untied, or else by a clasp, which is more complex to make.

If you just want to suspend the object from your neck, like a conference badge, the string can, of course, be much wider in circumference than your head. But many people, women in particular, find that unaesthetic, especially if the suspended object is prized.)

I think they would have had more fun if they had used Silly String. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silly_String Mung

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