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Online exhibit of Neanderthal culture

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The Geoscience Centre at Carleton University in Ottawa has, it turns out, an interesting online exhibit on the extinct people known as the Neanderthals. I’ve been writing about them recently. Here’s the cultural characteristics section, including burial:

– Sites have been uncovered that reveal family graves, much like the designated grave plots of current families.

– Discoveries of different types of pollen indicate that they buried their dead with flowers. In studying the surrounding ground of the strata, no other such ancient flower remains were found which rules out the possibility that the flowers grew there naturally.

– Also, it appears that the Neanderthals believed in life after death. Locations have been found with evidence of food and tools buried with the corpse.

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A deep and abiding need for Neanderthals to be stupid. Why? Compare it with the evidence.


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