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Neanderthal jewelry?

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Here’s an example, probably a pendant:

Although the other two (“manuport”, personal ornament) are both possible, we favor the hypothesis that the object was modified and suspended by a ‘thread’ for visual display as a pendant. Together with contextual and chronometric data, our results support the hypothesis that deliberate transport and coloring of an exotic object, and perhaps its use as pendant, was a component of Neandertal symbolic culture, well before the earliest appearance of the anatomically modern humans in Europe.

Anthropologist John Hawks adds,

This example of Neandertal ornament production is especially interesting in light of claims about later Upper Paleolithic uses of fossil shells. For example, Magdalenian peoples apparently transported fossil shells from the Eocene deposits of the Paris Basin to Belgium, which has been argued as support for long-distance trade or kinship networks in this later Upper Paleolithic timeframe Jochim:1999. Here we are faced with much less evidence: a single shell instead of several.

Who was it said Neanderthals didn’t do this kind of thing?

There is also an online exhibit of Neanderthal culture as known from archaeology, at Geosciences at Carleton University in Ottawa. (Researchers: Neanderthals believed in life after death. … food and tools buried with the corpse.)

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A deep and abiding need for Neanderthals to be stupid. Why?


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    Would your wife be upset if you gave her a piece of Neanderthal jewelry as a gift?

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