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Prehistoric human teeth found in Israel. From 400 kya?

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From 400 kya?


Researchers found four teeth in the Qesem Cave near Rosh Ha’ayin (not far from Tel Aviv), and they were astonished at test results that conclude the fossils to be some 400,000-years-old. The significance of this is that it’s possible that the origin of prehistoric man is in Israel, and not in East Africa. And an additional surprise is that prehistoric man was mainly vegetarian and not carnivorous.

Before we revise all the textbooks, let’s hang on and see if the teeth are really that old. Do they fit into any known pattern?

Their examination revealed that they belong to a type of prehistoric man that lived in Israel, and that until now no one knew existed.

Which is why we should be cautious.

Tests of the tartar from the teeth revealed remnants of seeds and coal particles which indicate that this species, which science has still not named, was mostly vegetarian. He did eat meat but in very small quantities.

About the prehistoric man being vegetarian, let’s think this one out: Large animals are often scarce and bringing them down is a dangerous job, requiring considerable patience and skill. Preseving the meat is a second, se[arate ara requiring knowledge and skill. It would make sense for most people most of the time to eat plant-based foods.

Prof. Gopher said that the cave in Rosh HaAyin has already provided in recent years several important discoveries, including proof of regular use fire to roast meat and the recycling of tools in prehistoric times. “Now, with the discovery of the teeth, it provides early evidence of a species that is likely to be the ancestor of modern man in our region. This finding challenges the conventional view that Homo Sapiens originated in East Africa,” he said. More.

Maybe. Or maybe we need more fossils and fewer theories.

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Funny about its not east Africa but Israel first men came from. Just that simple the African idea is out. Its all wrong because of the dates. Yet useful to confuse them all. Possibly its Goliath's teeth eh. At least Americans can see where their billions of dollars in aid is going eh. I Robert Byers

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