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Raven bone carving: Those Neanderthals evolved the fastest of any human group in history


They got smarter every time we noticed them again. From Sam Wong at New Scientist:

A bone from a raven’s wing with seven regularly spaced notches carved into it is the strongest evidence yet that Neanderthals had an eye for aesthetics.

Evidence that Neanderthals used pigments, buried objects alongside their dead, and collected bird feathers and claws had been taken as signs of behaviours that were once considered unique to our species of Homo sapiens.

But interpreting the motives of ancient humans based on their relics is fraught with difficulty. Incisions in bones and stone objects could be the result of butchery or other practical activities, rather than artistic engravings. More.

Yes but, at a certain point, even meat carving becomes an art, relative to, say, squabbling over a carcass. Keep the finds coming.

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A deep and abiding need for Neanderthals to be stupid. Why?

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The last I read, ALL humans outside of Sub-Saharan Africa share Neanderthal DNA. And Neanderthals are the source (from WHERE exactly?) of eyes colored anything except brown and hair colored anything except black. So, since Neanderthals appear to be a distinctly NON-African branch of homo sapiens, from WHERE did Neanderthals come? It would appear that they simply APPEAR (POOF!), dominate the huge Eurasian landmass for 250,000 years and then disappear for no obvious reason. AND there is no hint of a back-migration of Eurasian Neanderthal-descended humans into Sub-Saharan Africa. Has anyone suggested ANY reason why this didn't occur? mahuna

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