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Some of our dumb ancestors at Stonehenge


File:A small cup of coffee.JPG From New York Times:

Stonehenge has captivated generation after generation. Archaeologists have over the years cataloged the rocks, divined meaning from their placement — lined up for midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset — and studied animal and human bones buried there. They have also long known about the other monuments — burial chambers, a 130-foot-tall mound of chalk known as Silbury Hill and many other circular structures. An aerial survey in 1925 revealed circles of timbers, now called Woodhenge, two miles from Stonehenge.

After the end of the grand construction phase of Stonehenge, around 2400 B.C., the monument was altered, but the era of megamonument building was over.

“That’s basically when their world changed,” Dr. Parker Pearson said. New people crossed the channel from Europe, bringing bronze and metalmaking to the stone age culture. “It’s a very interesting shift,” he said. “In a way, Stonehenge is a swan song.”

Something similar befell Gobekli Tepe. A history we know nothing about. Did monuments stand in for  writing?

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Figuring out stinehenge dates etc is as worthless as anything they strive to figure out about the past. first it wasn't before 1800BC. Trivial details about tools never affected humanity. Everybody figured out how to make big stuff without the same tools. There was no ages of metals etc.Stonehenge was simply a public works thing and probably in imitation of stories they heard about the far south. Its not that interesting. it only would be if they imagine a intellectual problem for the old ones and so unduly imppressed with big stones. They were dumber but not innately and without excuse. Simply the nerds were oppressed in tough guy society. also very low populations and remember they were not english. they were foreigners to the english. they were the welsh. Englishmen studying stonehenge are studying another peoples groups history. These days they try to say otherwise but NOPE. Robert Byers

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