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National Public Radio reviewer makes her apes ‘r us priorities clear

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Tales of the Ex-Apes: How We Think about Human Evolution Remember anthropologist Jonathan Marks?

Author of the recent Tales of the Ex-Apes, he took issue with evolutionary psychology in an op-ed recently, at some “Darwin the future” site, where he said “And finally, I can’t shake the feeling that the methodologies I have encountered in evolutionary psychology would not meet the standards of any other science.”

No, of course not. Darwinism is only science when it produces results Darwin followers can use. Most of the time, it’s just the racket they enforce on Science Street.

It’s becoming entertaining to watch who, helplessly, just pays up. Usually, the toffs with taxpayers’ money to waste.

Anyway, anthropologist Barbara J. King opines,

That term – ex-apes – get emphasized in the book a lot by Marks, as does “human exceptionalism.” Marks really doesn’t want to be an ape – and he delivers his argument in a book that’s fresh (in all senses of the word), funny and full of rigorous anthropological scholarship. His argument pushes back against my tendency – even while working within the same discipline as Marks’s – to emphasize not ape-human boundaries but ape-human continuities.

But King doesn’t succumb, of course, or she would lose her chair.

We carry — in a very nondeterministic fashion — parts of our ancestral past with us; today we aren’t so far apart from other animals as people sometimes think. More.

What continuities? Like not believing in a free society (27% of US Dems do not)?

At this point, as thugs erupt across campuses in North America—and tomorrow belongs to baby fascists—it is fair to ask: Is anyone compelled by law to support this apes ‘r us drivel?

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The difference between us and primates is intelligence. its the big thing. in fact scientists are said to be more intelligent then others. I guess this women denying much difference between us and critters would agree with no difference between sciency and non sciency folks. in her case i would agree for many reasons. Robert Byers

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