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Do Fish Make Design Inferences?

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KF says they do:

Just from the suspiciously uniform but non-repetitive asymmetric pattern of surfaces and features in the sand castle — too many straight lines and arcs of circles or circles, rectangles, cuboids and the like — I would be suspicious. BTW, in lure fishing, too much uniformity is to be avoided, the fish get suspicious: straight lines, overly steady speeds and overly regular noises. Hence the famous Darter used in surf fishing, which is designed to erratically dart especially in a zone with currents and waves . . . BTW, a real bugbear to design and build. IOWs, to use your abbreviation, even smart fish make a design inference on known design patterns and don’t bite!

Anthropic, could you send some nice, fat, tasty anti ID fish down this side of things? I got some lures that would like to make their acquaintance, if you know what I mean. De ole fryin' pan and plate would be glad to follow suit too. KF kairosfocus
anthropic @ 11. LOL :-) Barry Arrington
Naive fish that have never seen a lure are easy to catch. But after they've experienced being caught they are much less likely to be fooled again. Some fish never do bite artificial lures, though. They are smarter than average, and hence tend to grow into hard to catch lunkers. Apparently intelligent fish, like intelligent people, can make inferences to design even if they have never seen that particular design before. Others, though, cannot do so. In fact, some fish are caught repeatedly on the same artificial lure. They, like many Darwinists, will not infer design no matter how many times they experience it. anthropic
BA, reading the label is an actual term of the art in angling. If you see a fish peel off, approach closely into an attack position then turn away, you will understand. It's funny in retrospect, but you get no bite! KF kairosfocus
F/N on Carp fishing. These days, they are very educated. Boilies are used and spods etc are used to surround the boilie with the hook on a hair rig, with freebies. Often the 99 freebies are hoovered up but the loaded one is left by its lonesome self. Fish are smarter than people think. KF kairosfocus
Not if they detect it as not proper safe food. kairosfocus
even smart fish make a design inference on known design patterns and don’t bite!
Does this mean that fish don't eat anything that is designed? hmmm. tintinnid
Lazy woman's way of fishing: Dig up lots of worms. Feed them to fish browsing near the bank. Fish are wary (design inference) but greedy (eat too much). Soon can't float right. Easily caught. Guys don't use this method because it is hard to boast about. Gut fish and roast slowly in silver foil over open fire with pepper. Roast potatoes and any other tubers or roots separately. News
"read the label and turned away" LOL :-) Barry Arrington
It has been a while since I went fishing. But I remember contemplating whether the fish were smart enough to know whether the lure was artificial. Barry Arrington
BA: Ever met a dumb fish -- that lasted long enough to be a lunker that is? I have not. I doubt they are making conscious explicit inferences but they sure spot what was not real natural food but a deadly contrivance -- I recall once an Abu Reflex spinner with a jack that peeled off his school then came for it, read the label and turned away, and another time when I was first experimenting with making wood plugs, another jack that did the same thing. I will never forget the day when I was tossing a small 1 1/2 inch Drone spoon with a tiny curly plastic tail added on, on 4 lb line, not expecting anything over 1/2 lb. You got it, a 20 lb Jack rolled on it and busted me up. Where he came from I have no idea but then the sea is a big place and has no back door. Jack Frech Darters . . . KF kairosfocus
Perhaps they do make design inferences, but I doubt that they are aware of that action. I think they are more apt to recognize the "specification" of an object (e.g. worm, spinner bait, chum, etc...). I think that would be an interesting find; that a fish was capable of realizing that they are making a design inference. ciphertext
Or fish evolved not to take bait. Ed ps. We'll see who takes my bait. :-) Edward

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