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“Shepherd of the Internet Trolls” — “PZ Myers and the Art of Shameless Dishonesty”


Famous atheist Sam Harris in Wrestling the Troll describes “unscrupulous people like PZ Myers” who run an “odious blog” as the “shepherd of Internet trolls”. In saying this Harris also managed to say a few things about PZ’s followers.

But one of the best descriptions of PZ Myers and the thought control exercised at PZ and Ed Brayton’s “Free” Thought Blogs comes from the atheist Thunderf00t. Thunderf00t outlines PZ’s strange alliance with the Anti-Creationist Pinup Girl Rebecca Watson and the “rational” behavior going on at “Free” Thought Blogs:

PZ has no shortage of kind words to say of yours truly:

Sal Cordova is a slimy little sewer goblin

Without hesitation, I can tell you who the most contemptible, repulsive creationist I know is: he tops even Ray Comfort and Ken Ham in the pantheon of creationist liars for Jesus. It’s the otherwise negligible Sal Cordova,…the nastiest person I know is Sal Cordova…


Thanks, Sal. Sure: it's a compendium of articles showing why the New Atheists' claim on "reason" as their brand fails. In short: they don't do it very well, whereas Christianity is at home with reason (and vice versa). It's in ebook form now, with a print version to be announced in about 4-6 weeks. See http://book.truereason.org. And thanks again! Tom TomG
Tom G I’ve been wondering why Sam Harris wasn’t at the Reason Rally in D.C. on March 24. This might help explain it.
Hey! Nice to see you. Feel free to plug your book on this thread. Thanks for visiting. Always nice to have pro-ID authors visit. scordova
Barry, got it, my apologies. However in this case the person is (was) the issue. And again you are right and I am wrong- it is up to you to deal with your trolls the way you see fit. I apologize for feeding them. There's just something about taking their poking stick away from them and serving it to them for lunch that I just find irresistable. I just can't say no. But not again, not here. Thank you for your patience. Joe
Joe, stop name calling. Address issues, not people. Barry Arrington
There is no such thing as abusing an abusive troll... really Joe
a warning to bartax, but not a word to joe despite his abusive posting... really? elpresidente
Umm news, bartax has been a troll from the beginning- it is a spewing troll Joe
Bartax, based on the immediately above, you are beginning to morph into a troll yourself. Please unmorph soon. Sal (Cordova), it is a most interesting development that some new atheists (Sam Harris in this case) are beginning to confront the sort of behaviour I have described as the new species male fishwives. At one time, some women of the lowest social classes were permitted to spout filth and detraction because nothing they said mattered anyway. It was sometimes called "Billingsgate," in honour, I believe, of a large fish market where such women sold their smelly wares. What is odd is to see men who have - apparently - some kind of social position - doing it. At one time, few men would ever be so socially helpless that they could say anything they pleased without recourse. That shows how much society has changed. News
If we ever needed more proof that Ms. Dodgen was a troll then this is is it. Mr. Dodgen has been a UD author for years. My name is Gilbert, not Gilberta. GilDodgen
Only a complete shameless fool would come to Uncommon Descent, attack one of its favorite sons (Gil), and then have a little cry-baby hissy-fit because it got called out for its cowardice. And here is fartmax and his lactose intolerance... Joe
And it is very fitting that fartmax would troll this thread as it is a master of shameless dishonesty... Joe
BTW fartmax, I posted here while Dembski was running this blog. And no one can prevent me from being an IDist any more than someone can stop you from being a lying coward. Joe
With fartmax posting here UD standards are very low or they must want to expose the anti-IDists as the drooling imbeciles they are by allowing some to spew their nonsense here. It is entertaining watching fartmax squirm, lie and spew. maybe that is the purpose behind allowing it here... Joe
Nice projection by fartmax. BTW I don't harrass visitors. I expose asswipes, like fartmax. Joe
fartmax- YOU are the one throwing insults around. I just expose you are the loser you are and will continue to do so until you are no longer posting here. And if anyone wants to see "ill" just read fartmax's posts- full of ill will, insults and childish tantrums- and thney all have one this in common- lack of substance personal attacks. Joe
He finds strong words for Sal Cordova. But reading Cordova's latest article Ken “we suck” Miller wrong again — peer reviewed article obliterates Miller’s claims - which includes a blatant piece of quote-mining in the very title - makes it quite difficult to argue in favor of Sal Cordova... DiEb
Herv- clean up on aisle 13- fartmax really messed itself bigtime. Perhaps UD should adopt the standard of disallowing sock puppets Joe
UD: Bartax is no longer with us Bartax
PZ doesn't care that he is a total ass- and he doesn't care that everyone knows it. Thankfully he is tucked away at some nobody university where he can only harm himself Joe
I've been wondering why Sam Harris wasn't at the Reason Rally in D.C. on March 24. This might help explain it. Also related to the Reason Rally: on one level it was a mix of all the most disturbing signals: mocking, contempt, and dehumanizing of Christians coupled with a strong message that religion should be eliminated. If anyone had the savvy to pull together a movement to accomplish that it could be very bad. The more I watch these shenanigans, though, the less likely I think that's going to happen. Power struggles and infighting will severely limit New Atheist effectiveness unless and until someone figures out how to coalesce them into a united movement. Dawkins isn't the one to do that. Neither are Harris, Myers, or Coyne; not while they're throwing bricks at each other. And in Myers's and Coyne's case especially, not while they're demonstrating themselves to have no more substance on religion-related topics than a third-grader shouting "Nyaah, nyaah" from the edge of the playground. It may be that unity is so foreign to the atheistic mindset that no one will make it happen, at least not in the West. (Whatever unity of atheistic thought there was in Russia, China, and etc., was aided considerably by guns, prisons, and special police.) TomG
A saying over here is, "Myers is a jackass." So it's amusing to see this finally sinking in with even the New Atheists. nullasalus
Blue_Savannah, "If P.Z Myers is against you, you’re on the right track." a saying from long time can be seen here, "El comal le dijo a la olla, mira que tiznado estás", maybe translate "to be sure another's fault is not your own before rebuking them.", mas y menos. sergio sergiomendes
If P.Z Myers is against you, you're on the right track. ;-) Blue_Savannah
In PZ's defense, it's not like Harris is all that better. He just has less of an internet presence, and shuts down his comments section completely. nullasalus
This is hilarious! Here's how PZ says trolls behave, and what should be beyond what academics engage in: 1) Pointless use of invective 2) Extensive use of strawmen 3) Lack of any serious attempt to engage with the actual argument made Isn't that the entirety of PZ's blog? johnnyb
P.S. I suggest you delete this OP. And never mention the L'il Troll and his Band of Merry Toads again. It does nothing to further your cause. Believe me. And I think you know it, Sal. CentralScrutinizer
And another thing, you're never never ever going to convince P.Z. and his band of toads to change their l'il minds. Are you trying to garner respect from them? You'll never get it. They hate you. They always will. Stop giving trolls like P.Z. and his l'il tribe any attention. It's not worth your time. CentralScrutinizer
See, I really don't see why you give P.Z. the time of day. Do you really care what he thinks or says? He's a trollish li'l self-promoter who won't be remember by anyone, including his own kind. Who care? Are you desperate for something to write about? CentralScrutinizer
scordova, the P Z Myers you call, he controls un blog, yes? is good source for evolution knowledge? person point to him as not for I D support. sergio sergiomendes
GilDodgen, "At some point, in my opinion, righteous indignation is called for and justified." could example of righteous indignation statement be made here? must be not curse words or insultos or ofensas, yes? sergio sergiomendes

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