Rebecca Watson: Poster Child of the Anti-Creationists

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Or should I say pin-up girl of the anti-creationists? Yes, she posed nude and had her fellow femminist/atheist anti-creationist Skepchicks pose nude as well for a pin-up calendar to raise money for their anti-creationist cause:

From Wiki:

In 2006, Watson released The Skepchick Calendar, a pin-up calendar featuring pictures of skeptical women for every month. Proceeds provided the attendance fee for several female applicants to attend the James Randi Educational Foundation’s The Amazing Meeting. New calendars have been made in subsequent years,

Ironically, this is the same Rebecca Watson who complains that atheist men sexualize women (supposing that atheist men would behave more rationally toward women than religious men). She was the center of ELEVATORGATE where she was “invited for coffee” by a stranger in an elevator. Her comments on being propositioned in the elevator exploded into full blown GNU wars with her pitted against famed evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins:

Elevatorgate is the unprecedented INTERNET WAR that erupted after Rebecca Watson (above) posted a video in which she discussed an ordeal she experienced in an elevator while attending the World Atheist Convention which took place in Dublin, Ireland, from June 3rd to June 5th, 2011.

During the months of July and August 2011, the atheist-skeptic blogosphere was ablaze with accusations, counter-accusations, verbal fights, moral declarations and insults as hundreds of bloggers and millions thousands of their readers tried to determine whose assessment of the events narrated by Watson best represented the facts at hand.
Enter Richard Dawkins, who felt the whole scuffle was pointless, considering how much worse – in his view – women have it elsewhere in certain parts of the world:
Dawkins is what one might consider a ‘big fish’ in the atheist-skeptic community, and fits the profile of who feminists consider to be their worst enemy, according to their ideology – the old, white, wealthy, heterosexual male – the very embodiment of the “Patriarchy” that has, they argue, kept women oppressed since time immemorial. Feminists across the blogosphere (and there are many men within their ranks) used this coincidence as a rallying point, and the war began.

She is quoted as saying:

it creeps me out and makes me uncomfortable when men sexualize me

I feel sympathy for her that she was distressed getting “invited for coffee” in an elevator. Dawkins response to her distress was callous and ill considered especially considering Dawkins himself has a daughter about Rebecca’s age. But well, that’s our Richard….

After the incident, Watson began to make a big deal that she has been groped by fellow Darwinists at skeptic meetings and that hundreds of atheist men have been sending her messages on the internet describing their desire to rape her.

Over the past several years, I’ve been groped, grabbed, touched in other nonconsensual ways, told I can expect to be raped, told I’m a whore, a slut, a bitch, a prude, …. told I deserve to be raped – by skeptics and atheists. All by skeptics and atheists. Constantly.

Vapidity and Narcisism of Rebecca Watson

I’m sorry for her being treated this way (but you know, according to evolutionary biologists Thornhill and Palmer, Natural Selection views such behavior favorably). Nevertheless, Rebecca might consider that some of her own behavior is not helping the situation — like marketing nude photos of herself and her colleagues to make money and then releasing photos of herself in the bathroom which say:

Let’s Co Evolve a symbiotic relationship … in my pants

rebecca watson

Who brought my attention to the whole Rebecca Watson affair and PZ Myers’ suppression of academic freedom in the aftermath

7 Replies to “Rebecca Watson: Poster Child of the Anti-Creationists

  1. 1 says:

    I wonder whether — as an atheist — Rebecca considers rape to be objectively morally wrong.

    Or was she just voicing her personal subjective preferences?

  2. 2
    scordova says:

    I wonder whether — as an atheist — Rebecca considers rape to be objectively morally wrong.

    Apparently her peers don’t seem to think so:

    Over the past several years, I’ve been groped, grabbed, touched in other nonconsensual ways, told I can expect to be raped, told I’m a whore, a slut, a bitch, a prude, …. told I deserve to be raped – by skeptics and atheists. All by skeptics and atheists. Constantly.

    Watson and her friends like PZ Myers and Jerry Coyne are representative of an extreme wing of Darwinists known as GNUs. Contrast GNUs to honorable Darwinists at BioLogos.

    The GNU’s present themselves as beacons of reason and the Utopia that will ensue if ID is obliterated and a new supposed “age of reason and enlightenment” will result.

    Let this be an encouragement to ID proponents and creationists, the opposition is now being led by the likes of Rebecca Watson, not by individuals like Francis Collins.

    Watson, by the way, was invited to speak at a “skeptics” conference. She appeared on stage obviously drunk and bragging about her alcohol abuse issues!

    See here:

    The push for evolutionism was lead by more reasonable voices like Eugenie Scott in the past, what we have now are the more degenerate elements taking over the evolutionary vanguard (as far as poitics and culture, not science). Whether this is good or bad for the ID movement we shall see, but surely it should bring chills down our spine to ponder the fate of then next generation if they follow the example the “enlightened” folks like Rebecca Watson.

    So Rebecca Watson and friends represents what an ID-free “scientific” culture will look like. It ain’t pretty is it? Mike Gene coined the word for this: GNUtopia!

  3. 3
    Joe says:

    I don’t understand what people who think that all this “just happened” can be skeptical of…

  4. 4
    scordova says:

    FWIW, I view Nick Matzke to be a better ambassador for Darwinism than Rebeccas Watson, Jerry Coyne, and PZ Myers combined.

    He certainly has more comportment than Rebecca and PZ Myers who have been known to go to the podium during speaking engagements while under the influence of alcohol.

  5. 5
    scordova says:

    I’d like to thank the Rebecca Watson herself for mentioning our humble weblog. Her tweets have elevated this thread to #1 most viewed for today at UD, already surpassing some of the discussions on thermodynamics.


  6. 6
    scordova says:


    Oh my, Jim Lippard has weighed in….

    You can see he links to some kind words about me. According to the link, I’m ranked #81 on list of American Loons. This is the link had to say:

    Here is another slimy, dishonest creationist and liar for Jesus. Cordova’s style is well exemplified here.

    He is neither the most influential nor the stupidest of the creationists, but he is probably the most vile and dishonest. He has absolutely no scruples concerning quote-mining, twisted misrepresentations and blatant, bald-faced lying to make a rhetorical point which might, at first, seem convincing to the ignorant.
    Diagnosis: Lunatic jerk. Liar for Jesus, crackpot and moron. Impact is probably negligible.

    Hey, Jim, you made my day. Thanks for the link.

  7. 7
    Robert Byers says:

    I understand the Amazing Randi is gay.
    So he will be using his amazing magic to disappear before he casts a glance at the calendar.
    Are there any plans for a creationist chick nude calendar???

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