17 Replies to “The Newest Global Warming Worry: Islands Tipping over and Capsizing

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    FtK says:


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    GilDodgen says:

    If there is life elsewhere in the universe, just imagine the unlimited potential for folly and incompetence.

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    toc says:

    What an articulate, lucid man.

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    DLH says:

    It appears the Honorable Representative Johnson does not appreciate the strategic advantages of the Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier!

    This was expounded in: The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier: The Implications of American Military Power in Britain, Duncan Campbell

    The Limits of Defense: Japan as an Unsinkable Aircraft-Carrier ~ Tatsuro Matsumae

    The Congressman tries to explain:

    “The subtle humor of this obviously metaphorical reference to a ship capsizing illustrated my concern about the impact of the planned military buildup on this small tropical island.”

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    tragic mishap says:

    “We don’t anticipate that.”


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    Mung says:

    I’m going to predict that “island-tipping” will become the next great fad.

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    O'Leary says:

    Has any island ever capsized?

    Just wondering.

    Then why not follow canoe rules?

    For example, do NOT stand up in the canoe when afloat. And there is stuff you should (ahem!) NOT try to do in a canoe … 😉

    But then, the population would die out anyway, so …

    Do people really pay for this kind of government?

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    gingoro says:

    Has any island ever capsized?

    Icebergs do. Maybe Atlantis did???

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    WinglesS says:

    Strictly speaking he wasn’t afraid of global warming tipping the island over, he was afraid putting more people on the island would tip it over. Still sounds as funny though.

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    DATCG says:

    This the the intellectualist brand that gave us Al Gore and Global Warming, before it switched to Climate “Change” as if climate never changes.

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    Brent says:

    DATCG, don’t leave out Nancy “500-million-Americans-losing-their-jobs-a-month” Pelosi.

    And these guys are supposed to lead us to the promised land???

    On the bright side, I used to get worried while listening to the Democrats; now I just laugh and laugh and laugh.

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    jerry says:

    “Maybe Atlantis did???”

    One candidate for Atlantis is Santorini or in ancient days, Thera. One of the largest eruptions in history took place on Santorini. There is still an active volcano sitting a 1000 m opposite this very picturesque island which has erupted a couple times in the 20th century. When it blew about 3500 years ago it caused a lot of problems around the Agean. From Wikipedia

    “The island is the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history: the Minoan eruption (sometimes called the Thera eruption), which occurred some 3,600 years ago at the height of the Minoan civilization. The eruption left a large caldera surrounded by volcanic ash deposits hundreds of feet deep and may have led indirectly to the collapse of the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete, 110 km (68 mi) to the south, through the creation of a gigantic tsunami. Another popular theory holds that the Thera eruption is the source of the legend of Atlantis.”

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    spot48 says:

    Since we’re all having a laugh, I thought I would interject something funny on this topic:

    Funny, I thought this blog was about ID, but I notice that Global Warming has been a major topic here. Maybe someone could enlighten me as to the connection with ID? Since it isn’t that they are both theories about the origins of biological organization, I am left wondering whether the connection might be more cryptic, e.g.:

    Both critics of ID and global warming like to portray scientists as buffoons


    Both global warming and ID are positions primarily favored by people who listen to Glenn Beck


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    Upright BiPed says:

    spot, you seem to be having a hard time undertstanding ID, perhaps reading a book on the topic would be helpful?

    In any case, I missed your answer to the question I posted in an earlier exchange. Will you be subjecting your comments to examination while you are here?

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    Clive Hayden says:


    Funny, I thought this blog was about ID, but I notice that Global Warming has been a major topic here. Maybe someone could enlighten me as to the connection with ID?

    The common thread is the snow job from both camps of scientists, evolutionists and global warmists.

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