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Discovery’s Center for Science & Culture — Ten years and going strong

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Here’s an invitation I just received. I wish I could go. Onward and upward!

CSC' tenth anniversary dinner

Goring the Darwinian steer, emasculated bull that it has always been, is one of my favorite pastimes. "A past evolution is undeniable, a present evolution undemonstrable." John A. Davison John A. Davison
Dr. Dembski, would you re-consider inviting Olegt back? In my humble opinion, showing the world that we ID'ers tolerate open debate would be a good thing. Besides, we can thank our critics for one critical gift: the contrarian pressure they exert that enables us to sharpen our ideas. Best regards, apollo230 apollo230
Olegt: I'm not entirely happy with the spirit you bring to our discussion. I'm removing you from the user list. Good bye. William Dembski
"What exactly a talk-show host brings to the discussion of supposedly biological issues? The right moral perspective?" Comment by olegt — August 7, 2006 @ 4:51 pm olegt, you apparently haven't noticed, but the ID controversy is about more than just science. It's also about... Who gets to define science; Intervention by activist judges into the controversy; What students at public institutions should be allowed to hear regarding the controversy; What papers are allowed to be published; What happens to scientists and academics who express skepticism about Darwinian orthodoxy; A talk show host who's been commenting on popular culture, politics, religion, ethics and the media for many years and who's authored several books and written many articles on such subjects probably has quite a bit to say. russ
send me your ticket and I'll go for you...:) tinabrewer
What exactly a talk-show host brings to the discussion of supposedly biological issues? The right moral perspective? olegt
Met Michael Medved at a book signing in Atlanta. He's an impressive person with an interesting story (author, radio talk show, film critic, Yale classmate of Bill Clinton & John Kerry etc.) and lots of insight into American culture. Oh, and he's not a fundamentalist Christian! russ

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