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Why would anyone want to understand information theory?

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Because information underlies the universe?

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Someone even suggested that I better stay away from this UD blog if I want to learn about biology. I totally disagree with such statement. I think this is a very friendly environment where all related questions I may have seem to be addressed very nicely by some of the most frequent participants, which I commend and encourage to keep writing. I noticed this UD blog seems quite active, with lots of interesting OPs and follow up comments. These days seem very exciting for those of us who are interested in the association of complex specified purpose-oriented functional information (COSPOFI) with systems biology. Thank you all for the good work done here in UD. Please, keep it up! Dionisio
RE: 2, 3 and 4: Actually, I'm not complaining about the heated arguments. Several participants wrote very rational, intelligent, kind and supportive comments too. Just commenting on the overall situation, which is expected in this world we live in now, where our sick human nature shows up at times when we disagree on issues, but don't want to put pride aside and just humbly exchange information, with the goal of learning more about the ultimate reality. For many the ultimate reality is matter and energy, and no discussion is allowed. For some of us, the ultimate reality has revealed Himself in His wonderful creation and in His Word. That's the main problem we deal with, as far as I can see it. The heated arguments that escalate to irrational levels are a reflection of the fact that the main struggles are not between people, but between the two fundamentally irreconcilable worldviews that divide people. The real fights are in heavenly places. They just reflect in the discussions between us. Does this make sense? Dionisio
News, it was in the thread for your OP:
Jonathan Wells: Far from being all-powerful, DNA does not wholly determine biological form
which has exploded in number of views and comments, because it's a very hot current issue. Dionisio
Dionisio, where? We try to be family friendly, but usually are not where the uproar is. Agree that understanding information - like understanding economics - should be part of education. News
On a separate thread last night I had an unpleasant experience where someone attacked me instead of answering my questions. Shouldn't personal attacks be kept out of these discussions, which should be friendly and enriching, so we all gain from them? What do you think? Dionisio
It might be beneficial to make information theory, math logics, sets theory, and software development, at least at their basic levels, required courses at all undergraduate majors, so that we can have a common protocol for discussing scientific issues between scientists and engineers. What do you think? Dionisio

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