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Origin of life thesis: Asteroid impacts scattered life-friendly chemicals

impact copy.jpg
Impact crater/NASA

In which case, says an astrobiologist, the origin of life may be quite a bit easier than many of us envision:

Two newly published papers underline how important the process of panspermia—the transport of organic material and possibly even microbes through space—is to astrobiology. The first paper, by Michel Nuevo from NASA’s Ames Research Center and colleagues, shows how DNA-related molecules (sugars of DNA and their derivatives) can be produced in space when ultraviolet light hits mixtures of water ice and methanol. The researchers found some of those derivatives in carbon-rich meteorites on Earth, which shows not only that these building blocks of life can be synthesized in deep space, but also that they can be transported to a planetary surface, where they could play a role in constructing cells. In fact, this may have happened on our own planet about 4 billion years ago. Dirk Schulze-Makuch, “It Came From the Heavens” at AirSpaceMag

But then, we are back where we started. After all these hundreds of millions of years, where are They?

If the thesis were to work as a general thesis instead of a stopgap suggestion, it must address that as well. 

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Yes, the water of our oceans and life friendly chemicals all came from outer space as if they just flew right through our atmosphere unharmed....these delicate left handed isomer amino acids - they just don't get it, you could fill the universe with primordial soup, and would not get a single useful protein by chance. Not to mention it is useless without several other proteins, not to mention a cell just "deciding" to come up with an elegant encoding and decoding system complete with start and stop codons, and all of the apparatus to copy this IN PREPARATION for division..... Why use all that energy? Why "decide" to divide? how much nonsense are they willing to spout to support materialism?? See Doug Axe and the probability of one useful protein from chance.... it's outrageous and unscientific to simply say it came from outer space... Tom Robbins
"I, for one, don’t care if ..." Hmm. I care because this is the "But WHO created God?" 'argument', only aimed at the people typically making it. I find the irony highly amusing. I don't care because I have any doubts about the facts (this proposition is as false as the one it seeks to replace), I care because what people believe about where they came from, and thus where they are going, matters. It affects their behaviour toward each other. ScuzzaMan
I, for one, don't care if we were colonized but I seriously doubt their scenario. I also don't care about pushing the lump further down the python as we first have to determine how we got here, anyway. Only then can we be concerned about the next step. One step at a time. ET
Well, yeah, maybe. But Panspermia doesn't GET you anything. It simply pushes the lump further down the python. The Cosmologists have established as a HARD FACT that ONLY 3rd or 4th generation GALAXIES can have life-supporting solar systems because the 1st and 2nd generations have too few heavy elements (including Iron) and 5th generation and newer galaxies have too MANY heavy elements (most especially the radioactive ones). So, if Life arose in some other galaxy and aged for a couple billion years before that planet was torn to shreds to produce the spermia to broadcast as "pan-wise", we gotta be pushing the boundaries of possibilities. And the distant planet FROM WHICH those cute little pansperms got rocketed to Earth like Kal-el, Son of Krypton, would still lack any explanation for how Life arose THERE. Although of course the Designer could have just planted Life on "Krypton" and then staged its transportation to Earth, while the Earth-Moon pair was still under development. (Any pansperms that arrived on Earth PRIOR to The BIG Collision were of course vaporized.) But the requirement for a Designer becomes, if anything, even MORE necessary to make we we observe as Facts here and now. vmahuna

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