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2 ID courses at University of Alabama

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Here is another course which discusses ID:

Genes and Genesis by Dr. Kevin Redding, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biological Sciences. I think the course tries to be somewhat even handed. (Thank you to Paul Nelson for alerting me to this course!)

Interestingly, almost without any fanfare, in 2001 a plasma physicist and professor at University of Alabama in Huntsville taught Honors 399 : Physics, Philosophy and Fundamentalism which made an excellent survey of ID, physics and religion. The lectures used to be online, and regrettably, they are no longer. I would hope the course is offered again.

"Honors 399 : Physics, Philosophy and Fundamentalism" was cached by Google:,+Philosophy+and+Fundamentalism&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=2&client=firefox-a DLH
And how did those classes turn out? Lots of science students questioning dogma? I'm sure at least a few did. Doug

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