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A Clever Spliceosome Mechanism Was Just Reported

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In the seventeenth century clocks were a favorite comparison with the complex workings of nature. In the eighteenth century the analogy switched to watches. Now, with the latest crystal structure mapping of the incredible spliceosome machine, which edits newly transcribed gene transcripts, we’re back to clocks. But this time the complexity services evolution rather than design. First for an explanation of the results:  Read more

Fantastic! Especially, since Cornelius said that there are other such courses. Axel
Cornelius Hunter Creates an Online Learning Program for "Darwin Scholars" - June 2014 Excerpt: "Dr. Hunter: Evolution is a complicated subject. There is much more to it than merely a bunch of atheists infiltrating science. At the same time, evolution is by no means simply a scientific theory. It is a movement, involving very powerful philosophical and theological beliefs. It falsely claims the high ground of scientific objectivity. And its influences are wide-ranging, extending to education, media, law, government, politics, public policy, public health, science, government funding, and so forth." "Darwinian evolutionists largely have control of our educational institutions, from public schools to public universities. Evolution has also become so dominant that private schools, universities, and even many Christian universities accept, teach and mandate it. In many fields adherence to Darwinian evolution is a given and anyone not going along faces marginalization at best, and quite possibly the loss of his career. Young people, whether in high school or in college, face enormous pressure to accept the Darwinian understanding of evolution. Evolutionists teach a sanitized version of the theory at the expense of the science. It can be overwhelming, and the story can be very persuasive to the uninitiated and unprepared student." http://www.evolutionnews.org/2014/06/cornelius_hunte086341.html bornagain77
Lol BA77. I'm guessing the guy gets the girl anyway, despite impossible odds. Hollywood & Darwinism - "anything is possible", "against all odds" makes for great storytelling. Great comedy too. ppolish
let me get this straight. So if we don't believe unguided processes can produce molecular machines that far surpass man's abilities to build machines in terms of efficiency and power, then we are considered incredulous, but if Darwinists believe unguided processes can build such elegant machinery, even though no one has even seen it, then they are considered scientific? ,,, I think Darwinists have confused being scientific with being hopelessly gullible. Dumb and Dumber 'There's a Chance' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX5jNnDMfxA bornagain77
Over at Darwin's God Zachriel reminds us that "Incredulity is not an argument." And yet it appears to have a long and illustrious career withing evolutionary theory itself:
The point which you raise on intelligent Design has perplexed me beyond measure; & has been ably discussed by Prof. Asa Gray, with whom I have had much correspondence on the subject.—f4 I am in a complete jumble on the point. One cannot look at this Universe with all living productions & man without believing that all has been intelligently designed; yet when I look to each individual organism, I can see no evidence of this. For, I am not prepared to admit that God designed the feathers in the tail of the rock-pigeon to vary in a highly peculiar manner in order that man might select such variations & make a Fan-tail; & if this be not admitted (I know it would be admitted by many persons), then I cannot see design in the variations of structure in animals in a state of nature,—those variations which were useful to the animal being preserved & those useless or injurious being destroyed.
Incredulity. Mung
Add running at Cornelius' blog: Darwin Scholars: Teaching the Truth About Evolution Mung
Dr. Hunter, nice article, I like this part,, A Clever Spliceosome Mechanism Was Just Reported - And a Massive Violation of Occam’s Razor - June 3, 2014 Excerpt: "The spliceosome is truly an amazing molecular machine. In fact one of the new findings was a clever, unique interlocking mechanism between a protein and RNA in the spliceosome. And what does such complexity suggest to evolutionists? Could this be a challenge for the theory that cannot even explain how a single protein could have evolved, let alone a massive molecular machine such as the spliceosome? By no means. In fact, the evolutionists simply concluded that evolution must be even smarter than we thought it was. For such a clever mechanism must mean that protein and RNA have (somehow) evolved together in a much more coordinated fashion than was previously thought:" Cornelius Hunter PhD http://darwins-god.blogspot.com/2014/06/a-clever-spliceosome-mechanism-was-just.html bornagain77

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