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A Leading Philosopher is Now Saying Neo-Darwinism is “Almost Certainly False”


Leading thinker Thomas Nagel has a new book coming out later this year on why “the widely accepted world view of materialist naturalism is untenable.” Evolutionists will be treated to …  Read more

How does one file topics at UD that might be interesting? News Desk: http://news.discovery.com/space/mars-life-viking-landers-discovery-120412.html sxussd13
“the widely accepted world view of materialist naturalism is untenable.” This should be transparently obvious to anyone with even minimal reasoning power, even those who have been indoctrinated with materialism. What this proves is that indoctrination in materialistic philosophy is so powerful that it can corrupt the minds of people who would otherwise be perfectly rational. GilDodgen
Everyone except the lock-step toadies who are trying to make a name for themselves within the Cult knows that it's hogwash with more holes than Swiss cheese. It's a constant source of amusement for me. It's like talking to a True Believing Mormon or an Islamist. mike1962
Evolution is so massive and influential, with so many apologists making absurd claims and so many fatal problems, that it will provide an abundance of material to pick over for centuries to come. Like geocentrism and Greek mythology, evolution will provide scholars with many career’s worth of material, for many years to come.
Templates for the critique of evolutionary theory can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies The majority of evolutionary literature would not exist were it not for the logical fallacies that constitute its foundation and are promoted as "evidence" and "proof". You can go through the wiki list of falacies and find large segments of neo-Darwinian arguments constructed on these fallacies. Most notable are circular reasoning, non-sequiturs, and equivocations. The discipline evidences lots of the other kinds of fallacies. It would be a wonderful college course in rhetoric to study how to employ logical fallacies to fuel an entire enterprise. scordova

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