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A Muslim design advocate responds to efforts to “Islamize” Darwinism


Such efforts are currently underway, via theistic evolution, and Muzaffar Iqbal, at the Center for Islamic Sciences, offers some thoughts:

After one hundred and seventy years of sound and fury surrounding “Darwin’s dangerous idea”,[1] one would expect everything has been said by all sides and there is no further need to write on the subject. Yet, what Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) once said seems to hold true: “Truth, Sir, is a cow that will yield such people no more milk, and so they are gone to milk the bull.”[2] “Such people”, for Samuel Johnson, were the skeptics of his time, but in our protean world, “such people” are people of faith who are keeping the Darwin industry afloat…

The recent converts to evolution have more tools at their disposal, but no matter how sophisticated the verbal acrobatics become, “when boiled down to its scientific content…theistic evolution is no different from atheistic evolution, treating only undirected natural processes in the origin and development of life.”[8] Furthermore, such an attempt creates the same theological problems for Muslim evolutionists as it did for the Christians, because “if God purposefully created life through Darwinian means, then God’s purpose was to make it seem as though life was created without purpose. Within theistic evolution, God is a master of stealth who constantly eludes our best efforts to detect him empirically.”[9] …

Certain commonality among living beings is no argument for evolution, such commonality is necessary because all existing entities share a common living space (planet earth). But this commonality cannot be reduced to a common soup from which life evolved randomly. This cannot be done without eliminating the Creator Who fashioned, apportioned, and created all that exists and Who continues to sustain all that exists.

Theistic evolution is an oxymoron; all versions of Darwinian evolution are evolution by other names and they do not admit God. On the other hand, belief in a Creator does not admit an ad hoc universal common ancestor and random natural selection and hence “never the twain shall meet.”

Muzaffar Iqbal, “New Muslim Evolutionists” at Center for Islamic Sciences (February 9, 2022)

The thing about theistic evolution is that it only solves problems if you really want to be a naturalist atheist but don’t want to leave a religious comfort zone. Design in nature is self-evident and requires some getting over or talking around.

"Theistic evolution" is just an attempt to remain fashionable, get grants, and avoid canceling. It's understandable that Muslim scholars, whose religion is being openly exterminated by Western demonic governments, would try to soften their unorthodox beliefs. In the end it doesn't help because the demons aren't really concerned about beliefs. They just need to KILL EVERYTHING. polistra

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