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Grassroots America Speaks Out (again)


On Common Descent v. Intelligent Design theories:

Neither theory is proven, nor perhaps even provable, but both deserve to be on the table for discussion with equal value. The hysteria of Darwinists and atheists toward even discussing the concept of intelligent design exhibits a lack of confidence in their position, which, in and of itself, should be a part of the debate.

It is unfortunate that so many public schools have capitulated to the pressures of the Darwinist-atheist coalition in its crusade to squelch any academic debate that may cast a shadow over its narrow, intolerant and tenuous suppositions.

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The Darwinist's "lack of confidence in their position...itself, should be a part of the debate." I like that idea. We're been rereading Harry Potter again at our house. The evil characters have lots of schemes, but they are never ever really, really confident their schemes are going to work. The reader knows their Bravado is a dead giveaway for their lack of real confidence. Red Reader
"lack of confidence in their position" Sorta brings to mind something about a house built on sand... jacktone
Could those 2 paragraphs have said it better!?
Sure. A few well placed expletives would pep it right up! DaveScot
WOW! Could those 2 paragraphs have said it better!? Bravo. Scott

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